Hybrid Warrior is a bright and entertaining role-playing game in which you will go on a journey full of dangers. Descend into gloomy underground labyrinths teeming with monsters and fight numerous enemies and powerful bosses. Your hero has a unique ability that gives him an advantage over opponents. He can strengthen himself by putting on body parts of defeated enemies – arms, legs or torso. Exciting battles with demonic forces, exciting multiplayer battles and a huge selection of various weapons and equipment for the character are waiting for you.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
WfiKCZN7abn January 3, 2023 224
bEr01ZWRmqdV December 7, 2022 251
qnZ8CrENKz January 28, 2023 327
75PfcLlQrMk January 26, 2023 195
BD1zbsN59pl December 1, 2022 548

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This game is fun to play, although at times the same monsters are a bit repetitive. I have noticed, the ad options used to level up have become "no ads available" quite often. You can still use gems, medals, and battle points to move along it just takes longer. I have a blast playing, and it's definitely worth downloading. The developers have put in a lot of hard work, the graphics are fantastic, and the game has a lot of different play areas to switch around when trying to level up.

I really like the game, but I feel there's a lot more that can be done to personalize the game on the developers end and a lot more that needs tweaking and could be added to the game. For example, you get no purple skin, I've gotten more red than purple, I have only gotten 1 in 5300 levels. Thread is hard to get and it costs way to much gems to level up attack and health.

I like the game enough to make purchases in it (so far). My problem is that I didn't get what I paid for! I bought the pack that gives you all the buffs infinitely ($8.99 pack), but the most important one (auto glove attack) still had some remaining time on it from an ad I watched - so that one didn't hold. The other buffs are infinite, and that one I keep having to watch ads for every 10 minutes - and there isn't a way to restore purchases. I emailed the company from within the app a day ago, and nothing has come of it. My review might change depending on outcome.

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- Added Privacy Policy link.
- Minor bugs have been fixed.
- A function 'Flesh Gift' added. For every 10 pieces of flesh crafted, you will receive a free piece of flesh.
- Other bugs fixed.

Name Hybrid Warrior : Overlord
Version 1.0.22
Price FREE
Rating 4.5 (82429 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 30, 2022
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