HuntWise is revolutionizing the hunting experience with its comprehensive app, designed to make every hunting trip a success. From tracking weather patterns to identifying the best hunting spots, HuntWise empowers hunters with essential tools and information. Its advanced mapping function allows users to mark trails, scout areas, and locate game, while the species-specific data provides valuable insights into animal behavior. Additionally, the app offers a variety of useful features such as solunar tables, hunting forecasts, and hunting gear recommendations. With HuntWise, hunters can stay one step ahead, improving their skills and enhancing their overall hunting experience.

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HuntWise: A Better Hunting App Reviews

On iPhone, this app is fine. On Android, this app has so many bugs. 1) the hunt cast dates are constantly off by one day- it always thinks I'm a day ahead, so if it's Mon 11/6, it shows that it's Tuesday 11/7. The whole week has this bug. 2) if I click a pin, it brings up and keeps up all the info of the land the pin is on, which gets in the way, and it doesn't go away. 3) wind cast doesn't show wind 4) occasionally I'll click a pin and the whole app crashes . The functionality of the app is bad

Paywall, paywall, paywall. Used to like the basic free functions of the app for temp, pressure, wind, etc. but they are slowly putting everything behind the paid Pro version. I'm just trying to see the wind direction for tomorrow mornings opener, and I need Pro to see it because it's a weekend. Well, I guess it's time to move on to a basic free weather app like WindFinder for the same info. It's a shame because it was nice to at least have my area mapped out, but not enough to pay for it.

I really enjoy this app, seeing as how it's not really useful for the whole year, I think the sub price is a little high so 4 ⭐. overall, as a rookie hunter with a lot to learn, this is a great app. good info, nice maps, GPS, coordinates, pin drop, and lots of other stuff. recommended

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