HungerBox Cafe offers a delightful culinary experience with its diverse menu and convenient ordering system. From delectable breakfast options to satisfying lunches and energizing snacks, their offerings cater to every palate. With a focus on nutrition and quality, HungerBox sources ingredients from trusted suppliers to ensure freshness and flavor. The user-friendly HungerBox app makes ordering and payment a breeze, providing a seamless experience for busy professionals. Whether enjoying a quick bite at the office or hosting a corporate event, HungerBox Cafe delivers delicious meals that surpass expectations.

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- 1. Free coffee, 2. 20% off breakfast, 3. Buy one get one free snacks

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- 1. 20% off on your next meal 2. Free beverage with any food order 3. Buy 1, get 1 free on desserts

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HungerBox Cafe

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HungerBox Cafe Reviews

Being forced to use this app has to be one of the worst parts of returning to office. 1) The new loading screen flashes so many times while loading, it should come with an epilepsy trigger warning. 2) The app requires so much data bandwidth that it fails to work in the cafetrias, which are typically in a remote corner of building and crammed with hundreds of people around. Given a choice, I'll never use this app. And this had been the one and only option to purchase anything.

Frustrating Experience, Privacy Concerns Hunger Box's insistence on app-only orders at the counter is frustrating. The unnecessary step wasted time, and the app's intrusive data collection for orders is concerning. Until these issues are addressed, I cannot recommend this app. Furthermore, the app's requirement for extensive personal data collection, including email registration and mobile number verification, raises serious privacy concerns.

The transaction process is not at all smooth and it doesn't get updated properly. My payment was successful but in the app it's showing failed. Money is deducted from my bank but still the order for me didn't get placed.

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