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Are you looking for a quick getaway? Hotwire offers last-minute hotel and car rental deals, making your travel plans stress-free. With Hotwire, you can find discounted rates on top-notch accommodations and rental vehicles, ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck. Whether you’re embarking on a business trip or a spontaneous vacation, Hotwire’s user-friendly platform allows you to book your accommodations and transportation with ease. So, why wait? Check out Hotwire now and start planning your next adventure without breaking the bank.

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Hotwire: Last Minute Hotel & C Reviews

I have used Hotwire for years without issue. For at least 6 months now the app works flawlessly through the booking. Once booking is completed, nothing is shown under upcoming trips. Better screenshot or save the email. No help from customer service side from "we know there are problems with the app."

Twice, this app has left me to sleep in my car. Not only was the hotel room hotwire had supposedly reserved for me unavailable for my check-in, but after spending hours on the phone with their customer service, whose English was hardly understandable, while standing in the hotel lobby, they were unable to resolve ANYTHING! And it was too late by that time to check in anywhere else! Best part about it is im still waiting a month later to be refunded. Tighten up Hotwire, you lost me for good!

DONT BOOK A SUITE! Over the years had great exp. booked 12+ trips, no problems. Had a rough experience with the hotel I booked(Almost 2hr check-in) got to the front and they oversold their rooms and downgraded us to what they had left, but had to charge the extra price I paid for a suite since it was paid through Hotwire. Called Hotwire and they said I didn't book a suite & that I was only guaranteed a room for 2 even though the front desk confirmed I paid more for the suite. Never again.👎

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