Hospital Empire Tycoon – Idle is an addictive and immersive mobile game where players can fulfill their dreams of running their own hospital. With stunning graphics and a realistic hospital environment, players can build and manage their hospital empire from scratch. Hire doctors, nurses, and other staff members, upgrade medical facilities, and treat patients with various illnesses and diseases. Expand your hospital, attract more patients, and become a renowned medical institution in this engaging idle game. Download Hospital Empire Tycoon – Idle now and start building your medical empire!

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- Gold x7962K, Gems x195, Coins x87459

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- 500 gold, 200 gems, $100,000, 50 diamonds, 100 resources, 5 equipment, 10 items

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PSXNG8sn614November 15, 2023
PJy8B45um3728October 17, 2023
CLj6hN7cp422November 8, 2023
WOCHMB2y8tc874September 24, 2023
aP5yVYA6Lw659October 8, 2023

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I used to love this game, but for the past 2 years, the game has been stuck in limbo. The second hospital says to make consultation room 8, and when it was made, it said the name of the room is check 8 instead. All rooms and jobs have been completed to the max. I deleted and reinstalled multiple times, and nothing has changed. If this can be fixed, it would be a better game.

I have played Hospital Empire Tycoon for over two months. The graphics are good. I enjoyed zooming to get a closer look at the characters. The upgrades take excessively long but are doable. The major problem is the over abundance of staff demanding raises. This is why I uninstalled the game. It is cute in the beginning but becomes more frequent over time.. There is no breathing room between the request. It is to far from reality even for a game. The set idea of the game is wonderful.

Decent game. For me, it'll run fine then freeze or skip. This happens especially after an ad. The wait times are too long. Needs in-game time instead of using real time. The university tycoon is great. I didn't mind the wait times in that game since there was in-game engagement with schedules and competitions. This needs something like that. Biggest complaint: The distributors will give a room (ex.) 2/4 materials and never return to that room, it's awful. Makes it unplayable.

Decent game but a couple of painful mechanics. First of all, any bonuses you get for watching a million ads wipe out the second you turn off your screen. This also goes for any side missions that are timed (ambulance). Literally just have to keep touching the screen to keep it awake but the game is so slow moving that unless you pay or watch a million ads, you won't progress at any reasonable speed.

An overall fun and typical tycoon experience. The newer update brought a whole new hospital to upgrade, and it's been fun. The game does have a problem where random aspects will break or stop working. Recently, my games power-up icons disappeared, and I stopped getting any emergency missions to do. It causes parts of the game to be irritating.

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Help patients, and discover the secrets of hospital management in this game - Bug fixing.

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