Horizon Driving Simulator offers a realistic, immersive driving experience for enthusiasts and novices alike. With stunning graphics and lifelike physics, it provides an unparalleled simulation of various driving conditions. Whether navigating through challenging off-road terrain or racing on intense tracks, players can fine-tune their skills and test different vehicles. The game also features a range of customization options, including tuning and modifying cars to suit individual preferences. Furthermore, the multiplayer mode allows for competitive online play, creating an engaging community for simulated driving enthusiasts. Horizon Driving Simulator is the ultimate destination for virtual driving excitement.

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- "Unlock 500 coins, 200 gems, 3 power boosters, and 2 custom skins."

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Horizon Driving Simulator

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HKAB08XLI5March 31, 2024
J5F7KSLMRApril 9, 2024

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Horizon Driving Simulator Review

I love this game... However, most of the time, my speedometer doesn't work and the money is there, but I can't see how much I have... Also the skill points rarely ever appear... I would love to see this game at its full potential, but I'm gonna play it everyday regardless... I'm excited about the new map and the 4 new cars that are "coming soon"...

The game isn't bad it just needs a little fixing e.g the roads and everything around them should be scaled down more to fit the car "like in Forza" they don't feel normal when you start driving the car "but the garage is nicely scaled" secondly since it's a simulator you could make it possible to drive the car out of the garage and ito the world lastly when you steer the game just turns you off curse it's not smooth at all, fix this and I will be giving 💯❤️💋...

Look developers game is nice the 2nd copy forza. But this game needs some work. Like add more maps like city, offroad etc. Add more cars this game has only 7 or 8 Cars. Add more cars. More misson, Weather conditions, day and night, game modes. And there is a issue the settings is not saved. I set resolution and everything at high, when I closed the game the setting sets to default please fix this and some bug are also want to be fixed.

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