Looking for some Hooked Inc: Fishing Games codes to boost your gameplay experience? Well, you’re in luck! With these codes, you can unlock exclusive rewards, new fishing gear, and even rare items to enhance your fishing expeditions. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the game, these codes will give you an edge in reeling in the biggest catches. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to level up your fishing skills and make a splash in the Hooked Inc. community. Cast your line and start using these codes today!

New valid Hooked Inc: Fishing Games Code

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- "1. Golden fishing rod 2. 500 gems 3. Legendary fish trophy"

Code is hidden Get

- Receive gifts: 200 Gold, 50 Diamonds, Legendary Rod, Boat Upgrade.

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Hooked Inc: Fishing Games

List of Hooked Inc: Fishing Games Codes

CODEExpiration Date
M54WJ3PEMay 2, 2024
ZX2R1B3LD4June 10, 2024
GIEV0WDKQMay 26, 2024
ZRKMEY4N09QJune 13, 2024
RMD8BJ4691June 7, 2024
ILBNGOHFJune 12, 2024
V1HQB2GZTNJune 3, 2024
QBY5L8VGUJune 12, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem code in Hooked Inc: Fishing Games, open the game, access the settings, locate the redeem code option, enter the code, and claim your rewards. Enjoy fishing!

Hooked Inc: Fishing Games Codes Review

Fun as hell, but it uses a lot of data if you play using data. Also, the ads are excessive. Ads are literally a part of the game. You can only pay to remove forced ads. You'll still have to watch ads to unlock special perks and bonuses. I'm a level 19 ad watcher lol. If you play, you'll know what that means. Seriously, you'll have to watch a forced ad after a rewarded ad if you haven't gotten any recently, and it will prompt you to remove the forced ads right after.

Fun idler with debilitating issues. Ads are insane unless you buy the 5.99 package (I played for the first time years ago and they weren't this intrusive but its nuts now) and your items will constantly disappear, happened to me twice with two legendary items and makes you just wanna uninstall (these items are rare and hard to come by) also later progression once you hit misty peaks is an absolute wall, you need to pay or literally play for months to advance its a fun game but too many issues.

Recently re-download. I have paid for the ad free version and still have to watch ads. On top of I got 300 gems with said purchase which I have used on item upgrades. My upgrades have disappeared and reset the item levels to 0, and all the gems I spent are gone. Looked for a spot to report a problem and couldn't find somewhere to do so. Enjoyable game but a little frustrated with the issues I'm running into.

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