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Holedown is a puzzle game that launched in 2018 and quickly gained popularity among mobile gamers. Developed by Grapefrukt Games, Holedown challenges players to dig deep into planets by shooting balls at blocks in order to clear paths. The game features mesmerizing graphics, addictive gameplay, and strategic decision-making. As players progress, they’ll encounter unique challenges and unlock power-ups to aid their excavation efforts. With its simple yet captivating mechanics, Holedown offers hours of fun for players of all ages. So pick up your phone and start digging!

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Simple concept but gets repetitive and no real incentive to keep going. Could use a lot of improvements. Allow players to leave games. Once you start a level you have to beat it or die to get out. Allow for an option yo return all the balls back to the top so you aren't waiting for them to return. A speed up button wouldn't hurt. Just not worth the $3.99.

It's quite a unique puzzle game a la breakout, but you play top down and only get to choose your angle of attack. My only complaint is that while there is an infinite mode, there are not sufficient upgrades to truly appreciate the infinite mode. I do appreciate that the game can be "completed", I just wish there was a little more meat to it.

Game is really good, I appreciate that it saves the game wile playing levels. I have to agree with everyone else though that one you've played through the first level it's all just more of the same. Once you get to the end level there isn't much motivation to keep playing. I think introducing fixed levels and leaderboards might help as well as new block types, maybe ones that can't be broken, spit balls, etc ...

Very fun game to absentmindedly play but it gets wonderfully difficult as time goes on. While the planetary missions didn't keep me occupied for terribly long before I'd beaten them all, the infinite mode held me for hours and hours. Past a certain point, one little mistake can end a run. Sometimes it's bad luck. Sometimes it's a bad decision. Either way, i realized my limits and set myself a goal. Reach 1000 meters. Today i did it, and subsequently uninstalled the game. Just wonderful.

I wish there was more content. I still come back to endless mode once in awhile, but I'd really like more levels, maybe with different shapes. The core gameplay is fun and the game is not an endless money sink or ad-ridden nightmare. Thanks for making it! Edit: I still wish there was more content, but this is my go-to enjoyable experience, so I'm bumping from 4 to 5 stars. It's simple and satisfying, incredibly easy to pick up and put down any time.

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