Hide.io – you should do everything possible so as not to lose. To do this, it is enough to look for hidden objects, as well as break into the leaders, moreover, you will have to compete with players from different parts of the world.

Each of us is familiar with hide and seek, it was they who became the basis of most of the tournaments of this gameplay. Initially, you need to securely hide the item, then players who have limited time start searching for it. Those who do not have time are simply excluded, and this will continue until the moment when it is possible to choose a single winner. You will plunge into an incredible game, originally from childhood, take part in championships, and also become the organizer of original confrontations.

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fEpUw7xxxxx Get

- Gold x6381K, Gems x278, Coins x24319

E6Wbidxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x294, Money x83129, Resources x7681K

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kqGFrYfvelXJune 29, 2023222
XPplvaAf0DZ9May 17, 2023669
7quGmT2AkwJuly 9, 2023275
a3jpOHFMSb5July 13, 2023936
J4WHCX0Ak2pJune 11, 2023137

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The best hide-and-seek/prop hunt game I've come across on mobile, although it can be buggy and sketchy at times. Something I'd like is for the hiders to be able to see the items the seekers can pick up. Most of the time when I'm found, it seems like they just walked up to me and tagged like they knew I was there. It seems suspicious like they're cheating, but they're probably not since I've done the same thing following an arrow or hint. Also, we need cloud save for progress. Lot's of chats say.

Love this game, but recently there have been some issues within the rounds changing. Such as, whenever I'm a tagger, and the round is finished, the next round starts, but it glitches, and just makes me a person, not a hider or a tagger, but I can see everything happening, so then I have to waste 50 coins just to rejoin correctly. Another bug, is that whenever I am a hider, and I win that round, the next starting game, will put me as the same prop, and it also shows different buttons. Please fix

The game itself seems very fun, but I kept trying to play it and all that kept happening was people respawning over and over again and again. I tried to a different server, but I kept getting the same outcome. I'm not sure if it was a hacker, as one of the players said it could be a hacker possibly. I just couldn't try the game out at all because everyone just kept respawning consistently. ;-;

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