Hertz Car Rental is a leading global provider of rental cars, offering a diverse fleet of vehicles to suit every traveler’s needs. With locations in over 150 countries worldwide, Hertz provides customers with convenient access to reliable transportation wherever they may be going. Whether it’s for a weekend trip, a business meeting, or a family vacation, Hertz offers a wide range of high-quality vehicles to choose from. Plus, their user-friendly online booking system and exceptional customer service make renting a car a seamless experience. Trust Hertz for your next rental car needs and enjoy the convenience and reliability they provide.

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Hertz Car Rental

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Hertz Car Rental Reviews

Terrible app. Extremely frustrating experience to use. All my other apps for car rental, hotels, flights will keep you logged in, but this one will not. It constantly lags or resets. Also, booking with Hertz points is not possible on the app. It has a spot where you can get linked to a web page to book with points. Right now I'm working on trying to update payment info and the app is a huge hassle trying to even change that. Edit: Tried using again and it just makes me mad. Infuriating.

*need to fix the location search, if I plug in a zip, doesn't work. Type a city, it only shows locations in that city surrounding burbs? The process to use points needs to be revised in the app. Since I'm on pts, canceling a pts reservation, hertz keeps half the pts? What the heck is that. We canceled because of covid, Hawaii wouldn't let us in, but hertz kept half the pts, after 7 calls, I got some back but not all the pts. That's shameful

Bait & Switch pricing. It shows you one price then when you go to check out, the price has increased because of taxes. In the past your "Est Total" was the same as your "Final Total" taxes included. Also the app always has bugs which is frustrating. Not being able to search locations by Zip Code instead of the city is annoying because there are a bunch of cities with the same names in different states & countries. Also having to log-in every single time you use the app is even more annoying.

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