Heroes of the Dark: Squad RPG is an epic role-playing game that takes players on a thrilling journey through a dark and mysterious world. Assemble your team of heroes and embark on quests, battling fierce monsters and uncovering secrets along the way. The game features a deep and immersive storyline, with stunning graphics and intense gameplay. Upgrade your heroes, unlock powerful abilities, and strategize your way to victory. With its engaging gameplay and captivating storyline, Heroes of the Dark: Squad RPG is a must-play for any RPG fan.

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A lot of grinding. I like the game overall. It looks good and has more depth in combat strategy than at first glance. Yes, you will grind a lot, but you can always pay to go faster. Maybe not ideal, but pretty standard. Main complaints: - Catacomb enemy power levels don't make sense. Either too easy or impossible. Its so bad that I don't run them unless I have to. - You should be able to permanently turnoff auto-enter in the settings. - Why can't you sort heroes by race, level or class ?

In my opinion this is a great idea for a game it's an excellent blend of gotcha hero building and territorial conquering strategy game. And some of the hero designs are really neat there's some depth to the character builds and the graphics look really good. But once you try and scratch a bit deeper into the surface it is a very slow and grinding game, more so than others of this genre. all of the in-game purchases are not worth the asking price, On top of lots bugs and glitches makes it a wait

Not generally a fan of this type of game but I was enticed by the atmosphere and it's actually pretty good. Lots of grinding to level characters but also lots to do. Story is slow due to having to grind so much but entertaining nonetheless. Graphics are simple but nice. Shop prices are standard for the genre but not really necessary if you have a little patience. I like the ability to relocate your base and the crystal system, which gives you a little control over what you choose to level.

Has potential, but has the most annoying feature I have ever seen in a game. Any time you send a team on a mission, when they you have 3s to hit the tiny opt out button or you are sucked into the sloooow fight, losing whatever else you were doing. Setting up your squad to go hit that lvl 8 nuker camp you found after scrolling around on the map? Oops, going to have to find it again, you missed your window. Need to switch that to "click to opt IN to view," add double speed combat, and save lineups

Its a slow grind game with a "wait and see" approach. That is, you send your people out and then wait and see what they do. You can only watch them. Very little strategy beyond initial positioning and giving them gear. But the auto gear option is dumb. It will prioritize health regen over crit chance or crit damage. And there is a bug in Catacombs where if a teammate dies, your game crashes after picking a replacement. I reported it but they don't fix it.

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Recruit Human, Werewolf & Vampire Heroes to quest for the ultimate dark power! Update 13 Notes
We're thrilled to unveil the grand 2nd-Anniversary Update:
🦅 Meet Avikelara, the Nightfall Predator, who brings unique abilities and a mysterious backstory.
🏰 Mansion Progression Levels Increase: Unlock new Mansion progression levels to expand your Hero's abode.
💫 Vanity Items Galore: Customize your castle with dazzling castle skins and mesmerizing map trails.
🎉 Anniversary Celebration Event coming with this update.
🌟 Bug Fixes, Balance and Gameplay Improvements

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