Hero Castle War: Tower Attack is an epic mobile game where players defend their kingdom against hordes of enemies. To enhance the gaming experience, players can use codes to unlock special features, bonuses, and rewards. These codes may provide extra gold, gems, or even powerful weapons to better equip players for battle. By entering codes in the game, players can progress faster, defeat tougher enemies, and conquer more challenging levels. Stay updated on social media channels and official game websites to find the latest codes and make the most out of your Hero Castle War adventure.

New valid Hero Castle War: Tower Attack Code

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- Victory Reward: Gold (50), Gems (20), Power Boost (3)

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- Rewards: gold coins (200), magic elixir (50), hero shards (3), gems (100).

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Hero Castle War: Tower Attack

List of Hero Castle War: Tower Attack Codes

OKLTH53XV Chest x7859, Money x98, Hero EXP x9876, Stone x149 (Expires on July 10, 2024)
4GT0MUSAXQKJ Stone x1534, EXP x9573 (Expires on June 3, 2024)
CW463RK2 Wood x63, Free Boosts x2714, EXP x8654, Rubies x78 (Expires on July 14, 2024)
QRPCUXMKD08 VIP Points x6378, Coins x659, Items x91 (Expires on July 4, 2024)
0XUI59VM8HZ3 Free Boosts x93, Speed Up x934, Timber x15, Coins x56 (Expires on May 29, 2024)
WK3OZUF5C0D Cash x941, Iron x72 (Expires on June 2, 2024)
4RUOF52G Money x743, Resources x24, Summon Scrolls x2584 (Expires on June 4, 2024)
3RWBES1U6GJ Gems x685, Speed Up x694, Wood x17 (Expires on June 14, 2024)
76JROIWLQZ0 Ore x7139, Money x65184, Cash x658 (Expires on May 23, 2024)
7FAIX6GUH Hero EXP x795, Gold x3456 (Expires on May 27, 2024)
JRZ069LP Stone x51, Iron x29781, EXP x7325, Resources x18726 (Expires on June 11, 2024)
NI2A0YT8 Iron x31587, Summon Scrolls x527, Diamonds x5283, Resources x23948 (Expires on June 29, 2024)
D0CMQJR7TW9P Summon Scrolls x29, Coins x82, Rubies x31975 (Expires on May 27, 2024)

How to redeem Hero Castle War: Tower Attack codes?

Enter code in-game menu, tap on Redeem option, type code, and tap on Redeem. Receive rewards like gold, gems, and exclusive items for enhancing gameplay in Hero Castle War.

Hero Castle War: Tower Attack Codes review

Pro: does what it says on the box. Math-style hero game. Cons: PLENTY. The reward system is completely rigged. Finish a level and skip boosting the reward, you still get an ad. Then I'll go for the 5x ad (it's a countdown, click quick or it reduces to 2x). But when you watch the 5x boosting ad, 90% of the time it tells you you clicked out early and forfeited the 5x reward. Even when you didn't touch it (I watched it close itself). Small pixels to open link in ad when closing. Irritating.

Don't install this trash, they give you the option to watch videos to increase power or recieve extra coins. They make money on those ads. Problem is you watch it, do your part and more often than not you get a pop-up thst says, "please wait for ad to finish" I waited 5 minutes while changing laundry and still get it. I'll change my review when there's a fix.

The 2.99 for no ads was a waste of money...the same buttons for double attack, revive, and skipping are still laden with ads- all thats removed are the constant ads after clicking "no thanks" (which shows all we need to know about the developer's understanding of consent huh?). The game itself is boring, and I'm only playing it for another play-to-be-rewarded apps, once I hit 40k coin, this game is gone.

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