Hellfire – Multiplayer Arena FPS is a shooter based on the popular computer game Quake. The action takes place in an alternate universe. Human civilization was destroyed after hell rose from the depths of the earth. People had to make a terrible deal – they must send the best fighters to participate in brutal battles in hellish arenas. Become one of the participants in the crazy slaughter. Move quickly across the territory, collect weapons and boosters, destroy enemies and don’t let yourself be cornered. There are no shelters and secluded places on the battlefield, so you will have to rely on dexterity, reaction speed and accurate shooting.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
DcF7wksbvCe March 30, 2023 380
MkXxjh2cgVbu February 26, 2023 482
Y21ziTGFtC March 21, 2023 136
Y52Xr3thLCv March 14, 2023 926
9hqOxAYpKGE February 7, 2023 420

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First off, the game isn't Multi-player, its the same 4 or 5 bots that run around. Maps are small, there are only 3 weapons, the starting rifle, which does little damage compared to the other 2 weapons. The game always starts you facing a shotgun, and starts the bot facing an extra powerful automatic rifle, which bounces if it doesn't hit a person. If you can avoid all of that, & bounce around the arena & get the Shields, you can survive long enough to get the more powerful automatic rifle & win.

The game is good but the graphics are kinda doodoo and like 5 guns so plzzz make new guns work on the game it will be better(also like the skins)

Very fun get massive classic doom vibes I know it's still in work but I wish there were more maps and specifically more skins for the Marine

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Hellfire is a competitive online multiplayer first person shooter. - New Gamemode (Horde)

Name Hellfire – Multiplayer Arena
Version 1.8.2
Price FREE
Rating 3.8 (4888 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 29, 2023
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