Hardee’s® is a popular fast-food chain known for its delicious handmade burgers, crispy fries, and indulgent milkshakes. With over 2,000 locations worldwide, it has become a go-to dining destination for those craving hearty, satisfying meals. Hardee’s offers a diverse menu featuring mouthwatering charbroiled burgers, signature biscuits, and a range of all-day breakfast options. Whether it’s a quick meal on the go or a family dinner, Hardee’s has something for everyone. The friendly service and affordable prices make it a beloved choice for anyone seeking a satisfying fast-food dining experience.

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Hardee’s® Reviews

You're app is worthless garbage. You finally make an account but then get forced to put in a location in order to do anything, only for that part to not function at all. It will not let you choose a location no matter how many times you click on it. Imagine being a group of loser failures that can't get an app right in 2024.

Downloaded the app and tried to use it at the drive-through, but the only option it would let me select was in store pickup? I ended up ordering old school at the speaker. I sent a message to Hardee's about the app through their help line, but after 5 days, no response. After reading some of the other reviews, I will probably just delete the app. It took McDonald's a few tries to work out the kinks in their app, and hopefully, Hardee's will eventually do the same!

Is it a good app? I don't know. It won't load my local Hardee's location, so it won't let me see a menu or place an order. THEN in order to "cancel" the account I set up in the app, I had to fill out an extensive form detailing my personal info, asa prelude for legal right to delete. Ugh. I just wanted to order ahead for pick-up. It's kind of crazy that the MapBox map shows my local Hardee's, but it won't come up as an option in the app.

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