Grow Kingdom is a construction simulator with strategy elements, made in the popular pixel style. Plunge into the world of heroes, magical creatures and monsters, create your own powerful kingdom with an impregnable castle.

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- Gold x7398K, Gems x183, Coins x65328

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- Diamonds x759, Money x32579, Resources x8954K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
rm9JMwUFBQfJune 12, 2023869
TK9GloR0k3svJune 14, 2023774
RFA6LyDZEJJune 11, 2023548
FkCwPdoxT3SJune 22, 2023174
zA5URn3bOqHJuly 13, 2023900

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Definitely one of the best grow games I've ever played. No forced ads, good mechanics, varying heroes and skills, and even the mercenaries you train up get different skins and stats. The only negative aspect I can see is when you are starting, it would be good to have more of an introduction to the importance of Monster Hunt and the other parts to tell you how to get necissary things. But overall, I would definitely recommend this game as a good time killer.

Game is fun but glitchy. Its diverse enough to be fun and work your way up by upgrading troops, prison camp, hero's, castle walls, weapons, etc. HOWEVER, anytime the game decides to randomly advertise their own games, the game crashes instantly and if you are in the middle of a battle it erases progress from that specific time. Not sure why it does this but its very irritating losing progress for no reason at completely random intervals. Please fix this. P.S. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 10+

It's almost hard to find a game with no P2W anymore. Also it's fun, with a strong groth curve to make you feel like you are improving. To the devs though, it would be really useful if the heros could have a different looking health bar than everything else (gold border or blus bar, whatever). It can get really hard to keep track of hero health in the choas, and I have wasted a revive more times than I'd like to count.

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The Strategic Defense Game to protect kingdom by the constantly surging monsters - Improved game system.
- Bug fixes.

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