Green Dot – Mobile Banking provides a convenient and secure platform for managing your finances on the go. With features like direct deposit, bill pay, and mobile check deposit, it offers a comprehensive banking solution in the palm of your hand. The app also allows for easy transfer of funds between accounts, as well as convenient ATM locator feature. With its user-friendly interface and robust security measures, Green Dot Mobile Banking makes it easy to stay on top of your financial goals and transactions from anywhere at any time.

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Green Dot – Mobile Banking

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Green Dot – Mobile Banking Reviews

I had no problem with GreenDot. It did function well. And get paid 2 days early from work. Everything worked great for almost 4 years. Until today. When I tried getting in my app. It was saying it needed to be updated. So it sent me straight to Google Playstore. When I hit update button. It has been loading for long time. And still waiting to check into my account.

EDIT: the app all of a sudden will not allow me into the account to unlock my card!! Ive uninstalled and reinstalled several times today and each time, the account freezes up longer and makes things worse! I can't unlock it from the website. Only the app! Beyond that, suspicious activity on the account that randomly posts then disappears under transaction history!!! Not safe!

Purchased the card to use in a dire situation. Called the service number got hungup on. Tried again, got a message saying technical difficulties. Downloaded the app, out of service. Went to website, out of service. Looked for alternative options to contact this company. Sent a message, no reply. It's been long enough and too much hassle. I want my money back!😡

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