Grand Russian Auto Criminal IV is a popular video game that allows players to experience the criminal underworld of Russia. The game features various cheats and codes that can enhance the gameplay experience. Some of the most popular codes include unlimited health, unlimited ammo, and invincibility. Players can also spawn vehicles, weapons, and even change the weather using these codes. These cheats add an extra level of excitement and challenge to the game, allowing players to explore the vast open world of Grand Russian Auto Criminal IV in new and creative ways.

New valid Grand Russian Auto Criminal IV Code

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- Unlock bonus: $500, 3 grenades, 2 body armor plates.

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- "Congratulations! You've won $500, 2 cars, diamond ring, vacation."

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Grand Russian Auto Criminal IV

List of Grand Russian Auto Criminal IV Codes

PQW25KI8ZMJ Chest x23, VIP Points x37 (Expires on June 8, 2024)
69XD4G83OSKC Ore x597, Free Boosts x736, Wood x574, Items x92561 (Expires on June 20, 2024)
GORSUHFLA7 Food x219, Diamonds x7623, Iron x94852 (Expires on July 5, 2024)
9GX3IAUHF14 Free Boosts x28375, Speed Up x297, Items x54 (Expires on May 28, 2024)
HBWOFN8IQ Iron x74956, Items x7824, Speed Up x72 (Expires on June 10, 2024)
KE5B7T0JF3VH Rubies x89, Food x2746 (Expires on July 10, 2024)
GIUP0OHB VIP Points x14, Speed Up x94267, Stone x81632, Chest x5417 (Expires on June 12, 2024)
KZA0XO87BGV Cash x78695, Money x95314, Free Boosts x742 (Expires on May 18, 2024)
GCFNPHZ6 Summon Scrolls x431, Chest x791, Iron x24793 (Expires on May 18, 2024)
GEZXHV8ULP Ore x35129, Iron x7956, Hero EXP x728 (Expires on June 23, 2024)
A5JW4R2MZEC0 Diamond x142, Gems x78, EXP x94765 (Expires on May 23, 2024)

How to redeem Grand Russian Auto Criminal IV codes?

To redeem a code in Grand Russian Auto Criminal IV, go to the in-game store, select "Redeem Code", enter the code, and claim your rewards or items.

Grand Russian Auto Criminal IV Codes review

Nice graphics but the game should be more interactive where u can make use of the the wadrobes etc and stores should be open and there should be work places where the player can buy food and and go to job ..

Game good but controls not work good

This game you put up money 💵 you cn pick up the money en the settings 👍 you cn bay wheel mags 👌👍

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