“Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming” is an epic strategy game that immerses players in the world of Westeros. This gripping adventure allows players to forge alliances, raise armies, and build their own kingdoms while facing off against rival houses. The stunning graphics and attention to detail truly bring the iconic series to life, and fans of the show will delight in the opportunity to interact with beloved characters and locations. As the battle for the Iron Throne unfolds, players will need to sharpen their wits and demonstrate cunning strategy to emerge victorious in this thrilling game of power and intrigue.

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- 1. Gold Bullion: 100 units 2. Dragon Egg: 1 unit 3. Valyrian Steel Sword: 1 unit

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- 1. 100 gold coins 2. 50 wood resources 3. 20 iron ingots 4. 5 rare weapon blueprints

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GOT: Winter is Coming M

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ENOTMRFBApril 17, 2024
RDB0875PKYMarch 26, 2024
3H6ASXPJ9April 11, 2024
M26YXTDIGNCApril 13, 2024
KZDW7I92SGMarch 9, 2024
X08UVLDFApril 9, 2024
HJ0VLFR4GMMarch 18, 2024
A07BCHG6LApril 16, 2024

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GOT: Winter is Coming M Review

1. Literally forces you through a tutorial step by step (No skip). 2. User Interface? I couldn't find the MENU. The biggest part in the UI was the freaking SHOP. 3. This game isn't designed for MOBILE due to it's messy UI display on the phone and not to mention the CASTLE view lags it all up (I've got a decent phone and I've actually put it to low settings so for this to work spotless expect using the extreme budget phones). So, yeah, it seems like the design is for a desktop or an emulator.

Disappointed. Like Season 8 of the series. Great graphics and really delves into the lore. However once you progress into the game it gets too time and resource consuming. Eventually your teammates dont play, and the only active players dont speak English. You would have to play each hour AND spend real money to get good, else you'll just be a target of players twice your level. It also gets boring just like clan-based strategy games.

4 stars for now. First time playing, great game overall and fun too. However I experience bugs, and it is only been a couple of days but many player have already reached high level. I might be on the look out if the game is going for p2w path. Also please do something about the endurance, we couldn't really do anything at the base except for clicking here and there when it runs out and it is limiting our attacking chance. Thank you.

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