Godzilla Defense Force is an action-packed mobile game inspired by the iconic Godzilla franchise. Players take on the role of commander, defending cities around the world from colossal monsters and alien invaders. Assemble a team of Kaiju-fighting heroes and devise strategies to repel the monstrous threats. The game features stunning graphics and intense battles, providing a thrilling experience for fans of the Godzilla series. Collect and upgrade powerful monsters to unleash devastating attacks, and join forces with other players in global challenges. With its immersive gameplay and nostalgic appeal, Godzilla Defense Force is a must-play for fans of giant monster battles.

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- 500 coins, 100 diamonds, and 2 energy packs for Godzilla Defense Force!

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- 1. 1000 coins, 200 diamonds, 10 energy, 5 power-ups

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Godzilla Defense Force

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CODEExpiration Date
CWDPAT83February 18, 2024
78KX9C1UDGMarch 27, 2024
TWZ90JR8SMarch 1, 2024
Y4PMUWS23ZXMarch 20, 2024
9ULCZ84T73February 25, 2024
HX69AE8WFebruary 4, 2024
5XMOIKV8SQMarch 27, 2024
7JLV5YICSFebruary 9, 2024

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Godzilla Defense Force Review

So far the game has been really fun and good at keeping my attention at times. However, there are still a few things I think this game could improve on. The thing that I dislike is the ad that is required to load up the game, sometimes if that ad doesn't appear I have to force reset my game and sometimes it continues not working. Another thing with ads, is that whenever you lose to a Kaiju you get "relief supplies" by watching an ad, sometimes when I finish the ad I get nothing.

Used to be good.. Not sure if an update happened or wat. But the game wouldn't load past the home screen after a few months. So I tried uninstalling & reinstalling. Well apparently the game doesn't automatically back up your save. You have to do it yourself. So I lost all my kaiju cards. And the icing on the cake is that loading an add to do automatic mode no longer works. Just crashes. The collection, sound effects, & designs of the Kaiju were very nice though. For fans/ppl who wanted to learn.

I used to play this a lot. It was pretty fun. It's pretty stupid how you have a pop-up. Add the second you load up the game. And it's freezing not even getting past the menu. I know it's not my connection or my phone. Every other thing I have is running. Just find like I don't know what you guys did. But you just made this worse somehow.

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