Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG is a popular mobile game where players can collect and upgrade various female characters to battle challenging enemies. To enhance the gaming experience, players often search for codes that provide in-game rewards such as gems, gold, and character boosts. By using these codes, players can progress faster and unlock more powerful characters. Keeping an eye out for Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG codes on social media, forums, and official announcements is a great way to stay updated and make the most out of the game.

New valid Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG Code

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- Unbox a surprise: 50 gems, 20 energy, and 100 gold!

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- Congratulations! You've won: 50 diamonds, 20 gold, 100 energy, and 5 keys!

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Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG

List of Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG Codes

CODEExpiration Date
TCL041X7June 3, 2024
O36YQ5HXP7June 28, 2024
BSMTNFXP5June 16, 2024
9UO4DBX2G6JJune 13, 2024
I2XPRQBZJKMay 23, 2024
WR7B0MQXMay 31, 2024
12KJXR9UTZJuly 4, 2024
ARCMJ5F7IMay 16, 2024

How to redeem Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG codes?

To redeem a code in Girls' Connect: Idle RPG, go to the game's menu, find the "Redeem Code" section, enter the code, and claim your rewards.

Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG Codes Review

Came over from the scam ads, of course. Downloaded it to give it a chance before realizing its just really boring. If you don't mind idle, that's fine. I play a couple idles myself, but this one just feels so dull, like its not sure what style it wants to go for. Not to mention the insane amount of menus, which are both annoying and confusing. Could've been a good game, just wish it felt like there was more effort put into it.

Now that I've played for a couple days, it has some issues. It's very slow. The battles take absolutely forever. Even at 2x speed, I feel like I could wander off and the battle still wouldn't be over when I returned. All of the "quality of life" type features are either behind a paywall or don't become available until pretty far into the game. No f2p player is going to wait that long. They've also tied the main story levels to character level, stalling progress and making it quite boring.

It's a pretty average gacha game. It's a little confusing at times with certain things, but my main issue is that the ads for the game are super deceiving. I used the codes provided and the things you ACTUALLY get are super lackluster compared to the rewards you're supposed to get in the ad for those codes. They are dishonest to make people download this otherwise unremarkable game. It doesn't suck as a game, but the false advertising drove the nail in the coffin for me. Totally lost interest.

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