Getir is a popular on-demand delivery app that brings convenience right to your door. With just a few taps, you can order groceries, personal care items, snacks, and much more. Getir offers ultra-fast delivery, with most orders arriving in just minutes. The app features a wide range of products for all your daily needs, and you can choose from thousands of items available. Don’t waste time going to the store – let Getir bring everything you need, right to your doorstep.

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- 1. "50% off your next purchase, free delivery on your next order, and a bonus gift with minimum spend." 2. "Buy one, get one free on select items, 20% off your entire purchase, and a free product sample." 3. "10% discount on all online orders, a free item of your choice, and a $5 credit towards your next purchase." 4. "Enjoy a 15% coupon for your next in-store visit, a complimentary drink, and a free gift upon checkout." 5. "Double loyalty points on your next three purchases, 25% off any clothing item, and a free dessert voucher."

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- 50% off next purchase, free delivery on next order, buy one get one free, 10% off entire order

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6iUFOhIG282September 22, 2023
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w5nFSUOme8415October 25, 2023

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It used to be good. But slowly the delivery time has been increased a lot.. the variety went down a lot and everything is uper overpriced. And now they started adding service fee which is 2euros (delivery fee extra). It's time for me to stop using this app anymore. May be only use it in case of emergencies.

I'm currently getting an error everytime I open the app. "We are having a temporary problem. Please try again later." Any solution to that, haven't been able to order for 2 weeks now. And the app is up to date. Update: it's August 2nd, still the same issue and no resolution. Weird how you would want to lose business because of a technical issue.

Avoid using getir drive. You will probably get banned quickly for just driving "normally" in turkey because you "brake too hard" or "accelerate to fast" meaning, you had high rpms trying to go up a hill or had idiot drivers stop randomly on the street or braking going down hills or people or animals jumping in front of you. Basically, you are now suppose to just hit people, cars, animals as long as you never stop.

The driver stole our order (drove in front on our home, briefly stopped, didn't get down of his motorcycle, didn't ring or call and just took off). We tried to get a refund and were told 4 times in chat that we are at fault because the address was wrong and we were not reachable (mind you he was in front of our door and had our phone number + he didn't ring) and they systematically stop the support chat after that. Zero customer support and a system that allows drivers to steal customers...

One of the most frustrating apps I've ever used. it loves to randomly decline my credit card because it's foreign, and I've never gotten it to work for getirmore. why does it need a security code every time I want to buy something? it's like stepping back twenty years.

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Fast grocery delivery New Year, New Deals! We’ve got the freshest produce to get your 2023 started. Hit the refresh button with our amazing deals and shop local ingredients in your area. We update our app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the most up-to-date version to use the latest features and improvements. Time to level up your grocery delivery experience. Come check us out!

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