Gem Stack is a highly addictive puzzle game that challenges your strategic thinking. The goal is to stack as many gems as possible by rotating and positioning them strategically. The beautiful gem stones come in various colors and shapes, making each move a unique challenge. With vibrant graphics and smooth gameplay, Gem Stack provides hours of fun and entertainment. Can you beat your high score and become the ultimate Gem Stack master? Download the game now and start stacking those gems!

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- 50 gold, 2 rubies, 3 gems, 1 diamond, 1000 money, 5 resources, 1 equipment, 20 diamonds, 10 rubies, 200 gold

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- Gold: 5000, Gems: 100, Money: $50, Diamonds: 10, Resources: 200, Equipment: Sword, Items: Potion.

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n1vUo5ew656September 20, 2023
EpVJ1l6tky653October 2, 2023
jRowGKCnr314October 29, 2023
bcjHWyeXxq6114September 21, 2023
cqUxSYlZCF499September 24, 2023

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Surprisingly addicting for a game that's mostly ads (can't use airplane mode). Ads required after each game, ads to get bonus coins, and ads to not lose your achievement award. Then multiple ads to open up EVERY sales table, ads for every possible aesthetic, and ads to play the summer level. I'm tired of watching ads for every tiny thing! It doesn't tell you WHY you're upgrading with ads, what any add-on is worth, to boost your score. Also, the doors need to be more visible.

Sure, it's fun. But the ads are getting unbearable. Some of the ads you can't even skip or exit out of. Others literally leave you on a black screen, where of course you can't exit out. When you press your screen during the complete blackness, it doesn't even take you to the play store to download so it's just a big waste of time. You basically have to watch an ad to improve at anything in this game so money is almost useless. Overall, it's irritating but still somewhat fun.

Yes, this is just like those games you see ads for all the time. It's okay, but has so many ads itself. You see an ad between each level, you need to see an ad to double your money, an ad to get new items, an ad to see unlock new areas. It's non stop and the game costs $2.99 to get ad free. The game is worth .99 at best. There's no sound and it's quite repetitive.

I like the game but it has a pretty annoying issue of freezing at the end of the levels occasionally and the only way to fix it is to reload the app and then have to replay the level. I'm on level 910 and it has frozen 3 times in a row and I'm starting to wonder if it will let me progress or just keep freezing. Also sometimes the hand will jerk into an obstacle without me touching it

New: the new update SUCKS. you get barely any money after buying everything! But all the stands are soo expensive!Old: Too many ads in my opinion, but still fun. The graphics on the shiny gems are 10/10. I recommend this is you have a lot of time to kill! You can spend hours unlocking and buying things. The only thing you can buy with money is the no ads thing, and it's very cheap! Almost everything you can buy by watching ads. I love this game.

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From precious gems to rings! Before you continue playing, take a moment to update the game - we’ve added a bunch of new features to improve your app experience.

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