Embark on an epic space adventure with Galaxy Battleship, a thrilling sci-fi strategy game! As the captain of a powerful battleship, you must assemble a formidable fleet and explore the vast galaxy. Engage in intense battles, strategically deploy different types of spaceships, and make quick decisions to outsmart your enemies. Upgrade your ships, unlock advanced technologies, and conquer new territories to expand your interstellar empire. With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and a captivating storyline, Galaxy Battleship offers endless hours of galactic exploration and conquest. Are you ready to take command and become the ultimate space commander?

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Galaxy Battleship Tier List

All that happens in this game is higher - level players come destroy your base, take your stuff, and drain your troop resouces. Deceptively little customization options for your ships; extremely excessive wait times for buildings after only a few hours of play time. Visually, it's very impressive, but that's about all it has going for it. No strategy to speak of, battles are random and lack player input.

I love the game, the community it great. One idea is when you go to refill troops in the space menu is that it shows you the total amount available in the top left and when a player kills you it would give you a choice when you returned if you wanted to teleport bases or not. It's very annoying that I get forced teleported 80 times a day. Otherwiset game

Overall has potential as a strategy game, but lately seems dominated by those willing to shell out absurd money to get ahead. There's no clear direction on how to do things or where to get stuff. For example you collect parts to build a premium ship (gold class), which takes a couple months almost, then once you collect all parts you somehow within the next 2 days have to collect 4 more items to keep the ship. No description on what the items are, how to get them, etc. Entire game is like that.

Initially a great game. Good concept cooperative and competitive elements, balanced pacing. Now it is completely overrun by players with deep pockets and multiple accounts. All you can do is log off while they gang up on you constantly and hope you can recover before the next round. I have seen bases advance 20 levels in an hour, and since I don't have the money it can take a week for me to advance 1. Not sure if it's worth playing anymore without a few thousand dollars to spare.

At first I thought this game was really good. Rewards were generous and there seemed to be a team focus on securing the Celestial Objects (CO) for the factions. I didn't see a lot of PvP and I thought the devs had finally come up with a formula to make an online war game fun and achievable to level up. I was enjoying the game until my noob shield went down at level 11. Then I started getting attacked from all over the place. It was kind of ridiculous actually. It makes levelling up for players under level 14 very difficult, and definitely very frustrating and not fun at all. Having given the game a real chance, I've come to conclude it's just another P2W game where those who spend the most money can go around and bully new players. Very dissapointing, and have since deleted the game from my phone. If you hate P2W type games, stay away from this one.

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Galaxy Battleship is a global space combat strategy game with fast-paced combats - Fixed some bugs.

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