Gacha Club Gift Codes [2024 July]

Last update May 14, 2024

Gacha Club codes are special combinations that players can use to unlock various in-game rewards such as gems, gold, exclusive items, and characters. These codes are usually provided by the game developers through official social media platforms, events, or promotions. Players can enter the codes in the game’s settings menu to redeem the rewards. It’s important to note that codes are typically time-limited and can only be used once per account. Keeping an eye out for new codes and staying updated with the game’s community can help players make the most of these valuable bonuses in Gacha Club.

New valid Gacha Club Code

Code is hidden Get

- 50 gems, 2 rare characters, 100 coins in Gacha Club.

Code is hidden Get

- 1. Rare character: Kira - 5 stars, 1000 diamonds, 500 gold. 2. Special outfit: Lunar Robe - 4 stars, 750 diamonds, 300 gold. 3. Exclusive pet: Sparky the Dragon - 3 stars, 500 diamonds, 200 gold. 4. Mystery accessory box - 2 stars, 250 diamonds, 100 gold.

Secret rewards Get

Gacha Club

List of Gacha Club Codes

CODEExpiration Date
A6PNRMZXJuly 6, 2024
P8T5O2KB1FMay 28, 2024
O852KTFHMJuly 6, 2024
75RIJYVBA6MMay 15, 2024
NG6UWOP8Y2July 4, 2024
JP3DREMOJune 21, 2024
TLR7U6MNYVJuly 1, 2024
7LZF2SQGUJune 16, 2024

How to redeem Gacha Club codes?

To redeem a code in Gacha Club, open the game, tap on the Gift icon, enter the code, and claim your rewards from the mail.

Gacha Club Codes Review

It's nice game, but there are a few bugs. First, whenever I leave the game, the ocs don't save, I have to watch an ad after I make my ocs, and speaking of ads, ads are literally everywhere, but luckily I don't get them frequently, but there are some good things! The mini games are addicting, theres good items and adjustments, and more poses. Overall this game is good, please fix the glitch though.

I love it its just there is one bug.In combat,(Page 30) there is an emote/animation that looks like it's about to kick but when I press it, it just instantly goes up to kick without doing the actual emote/animation. Overall it is a pretty good game👍🏼. For the people who don't like the adds in the game, turn your phone on airplane mode or turn off wifi/Mobile data. That will fix it

It's a fun and great game! It keeps me distracted when I make characters as I make goals for a bunch. Not to mention, it's helping me become a more creative person!! I would give this a 5 but unfortunately the export and import feature doesn't work for some reason, it says "can't export character, the database might be down." Or "can't import character, database might be down." If you could fix this issue I would be so grateful!

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