G2A is a popular online marketplace that specializes in digital gaming products. Offering a wide range of video games, game keys, and gaming accessories, G2A provides gamers with a convenient platform to find and purchase their favorite titles at competitive prices. With a user-friendly interface and secure payment options, G2A ensures a smooth and reliable shopping experience. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, G2A is the go-to destination for all your gaming needs. Start exploring the vast collection today and elevate your gaming experience.

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I'm glad I can find such good deals on games but I wish there was a way to somehow favorite a game that may not have what you're looking for. For example, I've been WAITING for a steam key for TSPUD to come out but I have to look it up. There's no button to favorite it or get a reminder sent to me if a steam key ever becomes available for that game. I also wish that they would restock steam keys more often since I've been waiting weeks for one to come out for TSPUD

The first few purchases with the subscription went through without any issues. Recently, the website stopped adding items to the cart if I was logged into my account, which blows the point of subscribing. I tried recommended fixes. I've cleared the cache in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on my computer and tried private browsing on my pc. Only have Chrome on my phone. Attempted to use the app. Never was able to log in. For the last week, it brings up a maintenance AFK notice, Mom's in the room.

Everything is perfect. I like the whole setup and very easy to use. I only have 1 problem, and that's the random keys people are selling. I bought 1 key just to try it out and got a game that was way under price then what I paid for the key. First and last time I'm ever buying a random key. I'm not trying to get disrespectfully scammed again with that garbage. Other than that, if you want a specific game at a lower price, this is the place to get it! (Just avoid random keys)

After using the website for the past year-and-a-half I only just discovered the app, and it's by far superior to the site. Although it's not perfect, the UI is much smoother, transactions are a breeze, and choosing which seller to purchase from is made simpler as well. On the website recently I've faced the same issue repeatedly, I'll add an item to my cart and when I select "continue payment" I get an infitine loading symbol, but it never loads, yet the app works just fine.

Great app (I guess, I'm not one to delve into the details) it saves time searching, since you need only open the app and search for your game, rather than navigate your browser and deal with any blunders you may have encountered and get to the website which is essentially the same as the app just with more clutter. Basically it just saves time, and that's all I care about.

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