Fun Run 3 is a multiplayer game that offers exhilarating races and challenges for players of all ages. Join millions of players from around the world and compete in fast-paced, action-packed races. Customize your character with cool outfits and accessories, and unlock power-ups to gain an advantage. Play with friends in real-time and form teams to compete against other players. With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Fun Run 3 is the ultimate game for those seeking fun and excitement. Lace up your running shoes and get ready to race!

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- Resources: 50 wood, 100 iron, 200 coal. Items: Potion of Healing, Scroll of Teleportation. Gold: 500. Gems: 50. Money: $1000. Diamonds: 10. Rubies: 5. Equipment: Enchanted Sword.

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- 1000 gold, 500 gems, $10, 200 diamonds, 50 resources, epic equipment, rare items, 30 potions, 10 energy.

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3vpt2QHc365October 4, 2023
MqDeBQcUXb983September 26, 2023
LPD5aVU1Q651October 23, 2023
dohUx0WlX9u367November 10, 2023
rUf6g8LRXv626November 5, 2023

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Fun Run 3 – Multiplayer Games Tier List

This game is fun to play when your trying to pass time, but the shop clothes and some other things are WAY to expensive and it takes so long to get coins, etc. But I've played all the versions and nostalgia hit me, so thats why I gave it a 4 star. I do suggest lowering the shops clothes price though and I'm sure people will enjoy it more. Oh also one more thing sorry 😅 but it'd be awesome if we can customize the clothes color and the eyes of the animals.

Okay so the reason why I rated this game 4 stars instead of 5: A lot of the shop items cost way too many coins and gems. You don't even receive a lot of coins playing this game unless you watch adds to double it, and even then it takes a really long time to save up a lot for something you may want in the shop. Also, Is there a way I can change the settings to where I can make the blood red again? The reason I loved this game so much was because it was cutesy but also bloody.

I love this game and I have an idea to add as well. Colored Contacts, so you could change the animal's eye color. Matching clothes is hard because if your animal for example has like green eyes, and the only thing that's green and buyable at the moment is really expensive it's the only option. Besides that, amazing game.

It's pretty fun and addictive. No real complaints so far. Keep up the good work! Update: If I were to make a recommendation/request, it would be if you could add that speed boost power-ups that give you a fire aura protects you from the bee trap. I got this idea because of you all adding that these very power-ups causes one to explode if hit by the oil power-up. Thanks. EDIT: There's now a very annoying bug where it'll take multiple watchings of an ad to get either the daily reward. Please fix

I remember playing this game back in school with all my friends and we would all have a blast. I come back a couple years later and the game turned awful. Having to buy your power ups puts new players at a huge disadvantage against high level players. Way too many glitches. The maps are just too much and not the fun simple maps it used to have. No more private lobby's to play with just your friends. I miss how fun and simple fun run used to be, that's what made it such a unique game.

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