“Friends & Dragons – Puzzle RPG” is an exciting mobile game that combines the strategic gameplay of puzzle-solving with the captivating world of fantasy and adventure. Join forces with your friends to embark on epic quests, battle fearsome dragons, and uncover hidden treasures. Use your wits to solve challenging puzzles, collect powerful gear, and level up your characters to become a legendary hero. With stunning graphics and engaging storytelling, “Friends & Dragons – Puzzle RPG” offers a truly immersive gaming experience. Prepare to unleash your inner adventurer and conquer the magical realm of dragons and friendship!

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- 1. 100 gems, 50 gold, 5 energy for loyal players. 2. 200 gems, 75 gold, 10 energy for skilled warriors. 3. 50 gems, 25 gold, 3 energy for new adventurers.

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- 1. 50 gems, 30,000 gold, Dragon egg, Rare weapon 2. 100 gems, 20,000 gold, Rare armor, Energy potion

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Friends & Dragons – Puzzle RPG

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CODEExpiration Date
2EYUKVWDMarch 12, 2024
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AOLJH9RIZFebruary 14, 2024
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8U0M1NDJApril 7, 2024
W70FVN4U6GMarch 15, 2024
G62SFQYJDApril 6, 2024

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Friends & Dragons – Puzzle RPG Review

Very good game. It is fun and has tons of events. Changing my rating to 4* from 5* though for two reasons. First being that the intro is super slow and hard to get through (tried getting 3 friends to play the game and they stopped because the tutorial was insanely slow). And it seems that the game is very cash grabby at times. I understand that they need to make money to function, but I have been playing for a couple years and it is gearing to be more money focused than it was.

I like the game a lot. However the prices on in-app purchases are insane. Just for one summoning scroll it is about a dollar. Which doesn't seem a bit bad but considering the amount of content and that you could have a hundred scrolls and not get what you want that is a lot. Progression seems to be really slow. The tutorial forces you to spend your diamonds and use items as you get them so there is no saving. I really like the unique combat of the game. It kind of reminds me of Auto chest on ps4

I am a high level player (105) at the time of writing the review. Game has made leveling up and catching up to long term players easier. Game has massive amounts of content. Lower star heroes can be very useful and in some cases required. I still use a solid variety of 2-4 star heroes in almost every team I play. This game IS a longterm investment. Things do not happen fast... very, very enjoyable though. Only phone game I've played for more than 2 months and I've been playing for 2 years.

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