Introducing Freshful by eMAG, your one-stop destination for all things fresh and organic! With an extensive range of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and more, Freshful is committed to bringing you the best quality produce straight to your doorstep. Say goodbye to long grocery store queues and hello to convenient online shopping. We source our products directly from trusted farmers and suppliers, ensuring that you receive only the freshest and finest ingredients every time. Experience the freshness with Freshful by eMAG today!

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Works well but i'm extremely annoyed that I have a lot of popups to close each time i open the app. "What do you think about your last order?" "Want to enable notifications"? "Want to review the app?" And some other useless ones that I don't even read anymore. Save the fact that i'm not interested in any of your popups and I just want to order food. Or do you expect people to order only once? 🤔 why do they keep appearing???

Not worth installing. Freshful should be called Freshful only for Bucharest residents. The products advertised on the app are very few, with limited geographic availability, the delivery services are only for Bucharest and the nearby area. Good bye Freshful, good riddance!

If anything happens and you can't answer your phone when the delivery calls, even though you are still calling in their delivery interval, they won't answer the phone and ghost your order completely. Then they have the audacity to call you from the customer center to ask you about the order and appear surprised when you say it wasn't delivered, they propose a new interval for delivery even though they say it can't be changed. They cancel the order and lose the voucher, and the whole day waiting.

Lame app... Today after 2 years a gost delivery address appeared... probably a bad update... I had to delete all addresses and make a new one via "pin"... I hope my order arrive at my home not in eMag wharehouse :) Lame app with weird updates.

The best food delivery! All the produse is fresh, everythibg delivered in time.I am addicted.

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eGrocery with fast delivery - Imbunătățiri funcționalități aplicație
- Bug fixing

Actualizăm constant aplicația pentru ca tu să te bucuri de cea mai bună experiență.

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