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New valid Fork N Sausage Code

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- "Congratulations! You've won 50 sausages, 20 forks, and 30 gold coins!"

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- Congratulations! You've won: 50 sausages, 20 forks, 10 sausages, 5 forks.

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Fork N Sausage

List of Fork N Sausage Codes

CODEExpiration Date
HOL4WQCBJune 3, 2024
ET2HB53Z47June 18, 2024
4DY5ION2TJune 28, 2024
B98GNY6JSVDMay 26, 2024
H1W6PRFQNIJune 2, 2024
3NCGF5JWMay 21, 2024
ZLKPW1DYTQJune 14, 2024
7ZVS0KJW9July 2, 2024

How to redeem Fork N Sausage codes?

To redeem a code for Fork N Sausage, open the game, go to the settings menu, select "Redeem Code," enter the code, and claim your rewards.

Fork N Sausage Codes Review

This is a super fun and time wasting game i play it every day. I would give it 5 stars, but Im at level 719, and since level 500 or so some of the levels have been repetitive but the others are new levels almost every challenge level I have to restart the game because the banner won't go away so if you could please fix these issues I will give your game 5 stars. But other than that, I definitely recommend it. Like I said, it's a super fun and time wasting game. Also, fewer ads, please

It's a silly / strange / fun game for sure and a good time waster. The only real issue is that there are certain levels that cannot be beaten due to glitches so you have to watch an ad to get to the next level. Not the end of the world, but these are obviously fixable but also obviously left in place. I paid to remove ads but this is still a requirement for many levels.

This game has the potential to be amazing. First off, way too many ads. Between almost every level, even when I went to go change my outfit, I was presented with an ad. Which leads me to, when I accidentally click on the ads, and just press return, it restarts the game all the way back to the loading welcome screen. Game lags so bad after awhile that you need to reset. I play many mobile games and this is pretty disappointing because this game could be so good.

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