Embark on a tantalizing quest with Food Fantasy: New Journey! This exciting culinary adventure takes players on a journey to save the world from the evil Shadow Abyss by assembling a team of food-themed superheroes. Train your heroes, collect ingredients, and unleash powerful food skills in epic battles against formidable foes. With its stunning visuals, innovative gameplay, and mouthwatering recipes, Food Fantasy: New Journey is a feast for the senses. Join the food rebellion and experience a new dimension of gaming where the power of food can save the day!

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I like the game but have too many glitches, I'm trying to get my old account from my Facebook account but it's impossible, I try to contact with them but no response

The gameplay needs more improvements... story wise. It would be nice if the narrative of the game start with the player choosing a food soul and then from then on they collect more. The story of the cut scenes also needs work as it seems like the story is not consistent. Also for future developments it would be nice to have the food a side quest where they can earn skins

Would love to give higher ratings but there are too many glitches. First, the game crashes for no reason. Second, the game lags for a few second before it moves again. Lastly, i cannot hear the music game and voice actors voices....the music and voice actors voices are top notch together with the graphics...please help me fix these bugs! The game is boring without the sounds :(

Been playing awhile and I love the character designs and story. However there seems to be a glitch I've encountered where when I complete the main story missions of the Sakurajima stage of the main story, the story 'cutscenes' don't appear, I just get the rewards and the next story. It's disappointing as the story is a huge draw and I've gone through several missions now with no clue what is going on.

Enjoying it so far, get stuck a few times because I'm unsure how to progress as I'm getting beaten in a few levels. I'm not sure why the second area is opened yet I cant play it. Characters are pretty cute. Wish we had English dubbing or at least more subtitles so I know what my food souls are staying. Edit: uninstalled. Game became too much of a grind every day and more aimed towards paying players. May come back to it in the future.

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A magical journey with food

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