Introducing Food Cut, the exciting knife throwing game that will put your skills to the test! In this thrilling game, you must aim your knives with precision to cut various types of food flying through the air. From juicy watermelons to mouthwatering pineapples, each level offers a new challenge. The more accurate your throws, the higher your score. But be careful, one wrong move and you could ruin your meal! Get ready to slice and dice your way to victory with Food Cut – the ultimate knife throwing game.

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Ekms3cFL835January 9, 2024
V1M6zG0DE2742December 29, 2023
uLBYtxJrm873December 9, 2023
Bv7idTgLmHl857December 7, 2023
BosOkpDRIl808December 30, 2023

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Played it for 1 minute, encourages me to buy donuts to keep playing, so I do, just to discover I can't use them yet and actually need tomatoes. Rogue.

OK but boring, simple enough to play but not enough different levels to keep it interesting

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not bad enjoyed the game

It's fun during quartine

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Throw a knife party like a knife master Chef!

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