Fire Engine Truck Simulator is an exciting simulation game that allows players to experience the thrill of being a firefighter. If you’re looking for codes to enhance your gameplay, you’re in luck! By using special codes, you can unlock exclusive features, vehicles, and in-game currency to customize your firefighting experience. Whether you’re responding to emergencies, putting out fires, or rescuing civilians, these codes can provide you with the tools you need to be a hero. Keep an eye out for new codes to stay ahead in Fire Engine Truck Simulator!

New valid Fire Engine Truck Simulator Code

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- 1. Collect 50 gallons of water for a shiny new fire truck! 2. Win $100 to upgrade engine power for faster rescues! 3. Earn a siren upgrade by saving 10 stranded civilians!

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- "5 fire helmets, 10 water hoses, 3 extinguishers, 7 sirens."

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Fire Engine Truck Simulator

List of Fire Engine Truck Simulator Codes

ZOXR3LEQ Summon Scrolls x51, Gold x965, Iron x69 (Expires on July 1, 2024)
AY3KD58N Food x75281, Ore x68 (Expires on May 23, 2024)
ATGF9R4IJB EXP x325, Diamond x495 (Expires on June 9, 2024)
GCXWBMAS3K Ore x49, Energy x91743, Diamond x45 (Expires on June 19, 2024)
H284NEIXB9 Gems x46385, Resources x2174 (Expires on June 22, 2024)
H1MT2ZY7EPF Food x24378, Wood x53182, Stone x725 (Expires on June 24, 2024)
GBY5AWOQFU4 EXP x632, Summon Scrolls x89325, Resources x469, Coins x215 (Expires on June 30, 2024)
C4V9ZMAH Resources x84762, Gold x375, EXP x62, Iron x46 (Expires on June 2, 2024)
EL5DKOIAQ Ore x69431, Resources x87345, Wood x97, Diamond x654 (Expires on June 20, 2024)
2PMAJEXU9Q5O Cash x3867, Iron x62, Rubies x538, Wood x6584 (Expires on June 28, 2024)
CJZ49K6A Wood x8319, Resources x61 (Expires on July 6, 2024)
HFCIJ6YZ5V Hero EXP x6478, Money x81, Gold x78 (Expires on May 23, 2024)
9HWG73VP8 EXP x23174, Stone x1425 (Expires on June 30, 2024)
789RBOUJ1C4X Gold x497, Stone x73412, Items x851 (Expires on May 24, 2024)
F372I4TN Items x16, Money x826, Rubies x394, Gems x629 (Expires on July 6, 2024)
3OLK2DY0H Stone x82746, Gems x68543, Cash x13584, Wood x768 (Expires on June 22, 2024)

How to redeem Fire Engine Truck Simulator codes?

To redeem code for Fire Engine Truck Simulator, open the game, navigate to settings, locate the redeem code option, enter code, and claim your rewards.

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