In the adrenaline-pumping game, Fighter Jet Air Strike Mission, players embark on a thrilling mission as elite fighter pilots. They must navigate through intense combat zones, engaging enemy jets and ground targets with precision. The game offers realistic graphics and advanced flight controls, providing an immersive experience for aviation enthusiasts. With a wide range of weaponry and upgrades available, players can customize their jets and strategically plan their missions. Get ready to unleash the fury of a fighter jet and become the ultimate airborne warrior in Fighter Jet Air Strike Mission!

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Takes a bit of time to get used to the controls (or at least did for me) but once you get the hang of it & start getting some in-game results its pretty entertaining. I'm more a fan of older planes in flying combat games but definitely one of the better jet fighter games out there. Overall can recommend for fans of this genre. EDIT: had to uninstall this - ads now cover the home screen making it impossible to tap play. Contacted the devs & it still wasn't fixed even after they acknowledged it!

Although ok, it has issues that need to be addressed. When I go to the jet store to buy things, it doesnt work correctly. I press for a item and 90 percent of the time nothing happens. I have spent several minutes trying to buy items from it and getting nothing, and yes I have enough coins for what I want to buy. There is for sure something wrong with it, I shouldnt have to continue to press like a hundred times to get a item or holding it down forever. This is a issue that you need to fix !!!!

This game is according to my expectations so far. After Su-30 I promoted myself to F-22 Raptor to confine myself fully to air force operations. If this game remains the same as it is I shall further contact for some improvement. My F-22 Raptor has taken off from an aircraft carrier and also landed back after completing the mission, which is an abnormal activity. That's why I purchased an F-35. Thank you.

It's, but the game ends after 20 odd levels. They could add more: levels, jets etc. Its quite similar to "Ultimate car simulator", whith the UI, graphics & controls, but with jets. The general options aren't very advanced and the lever on the left was was hard to control. Fun and low on space. Each level, you destroy sevral targets eg ships, aircraft, buildings. I completed the game in 5 days, then kept playing to try unlock all skins, jets etc. Only 7 jets to unlock!😶

It does not work on larger screen phones. It stretches the view windows so that no headset is able to match it with there individual view tunnels. iIt cuts off the the left side for the left eye and the right side for the right eye. I have a much older VR Jetfighter Dog fight app (discontinued) which creates exactly the right size for the two screens. Why can your app not do this?

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Fighter Jet combat flying shooting game with Air Force simulation war missions - Updated google billing library
- Improve pitch, roll and yaw in professional control

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