Welcome to the ultimate fashion game! Get ready to play and show off your makeup and dress-up skills. Choose from a variety of stylish outfits, stunning accessories, and trendy makeup looks to create the perfect fashion statement. Mix and match different styles to express your unique fashion sense and become the ultimate fashionista. Whether you prefer a glamorous red carpet look or a casual street-style vibe, this game has got you covered. So get creative, unleash your inner fashion designer, and let your imagination run wild in the world of makeup and dress up!

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- 1. 200 Diamonds, 50 Gold Coins, 100 Energy 2. 150 Gems, 75 Gold Coins, 80 Energy 3. 100 Jewels, 60 Gold Coins, 120 Energy

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- 1. 50 makeup points, 100 dress up points, shoes, accessories 2. 75 makeup points, 50 dress up points, hairstyle, jewelry

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Fashion Game: Makeup, Dress Up

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CODEExpiration Date
KZFP98LWMarch 6, 2024
GHY6FD749SMarch 27, 2024
DEKS5Y84MMarch 15, 2024
M518BTUYKZOMarch 8, 2024
91BCN53SKIMarch 23, 2024
3U5Y67PBApril 2, 2024
OI6P7ATZGFMarch 24, 2024
GTRDBHLJUMarch 29, 2024

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Fashion Game: Makeup, Dress Up Review

Downloaded this game tonight. Been playing for a while now. Is very addictive. The ads are not that bad. They don't interrupt the game. I like the categories of the competitions, and the reason I give 4 stars is there needs to be a few more options with clothes and makeup without having to use up all your coins. Other than that, love it. Would definitely recommend.

It's not actually competion, but came up under competitions. There's no voting and you win every single time, even if your outfit is horrible. As a bonus the ads are sometimes ads for the very game you are playing and there's quite a few hideous clothing items that only filthy rich would wear to the met gala.

I really like this game , I don't like you have to watch a video for everything she wears , yes you can buy but 9 xs out of 10 you won't wear again. I have won every single time since playing so I think the components do too , I think it's a set up

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