Family Farm Adventure is a colorful and entertaining farm simulator in which you have to help a cheerful family restore an abandoned farm on a hot tropical island. Explore uncharted territories and collect mysterious artifacts and ancient treasures. Engage in the repair and arrangement of the farm and outbuildings. Breed different breeds of domestic animals and grow a rich harvest. Make friends with neighbors and complete various tasks. Turn a ruined household into a prosperous family farm that brings in a good income!

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5HnQIOxxxxx Get

- Gold x2913K, Gems x396, Coins x29571

EIXdgnxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x943, Money x36721, Resources x7596K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
oDPrnT4E7JcMarch 12, 2023431
CRH5u9rGn6PjMarch 16, 2023732
bc0HVJjDePApril 16, 2023103
ep9ulZdRNTOMarch 16, 2023853
EzV03hrm6fJMarch 31, 2023126

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The gameplay is fun, with the farming and adventure aspects to it, stayed up late the first day I downloaded it to play. I like there's even a Facebook group for players to interact and talk about technical issues. But, 1) energy does run out quite quickly, even with multiple ways to get it. 2) The game IS buggy. Things/buildings placed on the main island shift and disappear into other buildings when the game is next reopened, even after I cleared game cache and restarted my phone.

Everything is ALMOST great, I love the story, the graphic and also the mechanics of the game. What's not so great is the energy level. It's super ridiculous that energy run out after chopping two trees down. There's plenty of ways to restore energy true, but it's super annoying to go back restoring energy after like... barely making like three steps into the map. I hope the developer fic this flaw ASAP-

really like this game! -----------------pros: 1. no intrusive ads. u only watch if you want to and u get rewarded for it! ---2. gems can give u advantages but without them it doesnt hurt your progress (unlike some other games) ----3. unlimited inventory. a game i used to play kept forcing u to build increasing level of warehouse just to store your items. eventually i stopped playing it -----4. interesting storyline with many different kinds of side quests -----5. many different ways to get energy (cauldron, juice bar, pet dog, order board) ------6. i like that if the item is already revealed (not hidden by cloud/mist) , you can definitely reach it even tho physically my character has no path (again, that particular other game didnt allow this. it was really irritating. i had to keep clearing stuff to reach it). ------------could be improved: 1. timer to countdown how long more to next energy. i know its 90sec for 1 energy but helps if i can tell if its gonna be 1 more sec or 89 more secs ----2. when i try to change my island name, it gives me error message "inappropriate island name" when i obviously didnt use any inappropriate words. perhaps the error message could be more specific, no symbols, no spaces, etc.

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Rebuild your tropical flower farm and go on wild explorations! Here's your Farm News in March:

New Adventure Maps in Chapter 11
• Kingdom of Giants
• Cadence Island

New Event Maps
• Mysterious Planetarium
• Alice's Wonderland

Other Event Maps
• Clover Village
• Tanuki Shrine

New Event
• Master Designer: Wedding Season

New Golden Pass Event
• New Astrologer costume set and other perks

New Features
• Wildcard in Memory Album
• New designs in Outfit Design Shop
• Photo mode

In-game Improvements and Bugs Fixed

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