Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG is an exciting fantasy role-playing game that immerses players in a dark and mysterious world of vampires and magic. Set in the medieval fantasy realm of Vamp’Ire, the game offers an engrossing storyline and immersive gameplay, allowing players to customize their characters and embark on epic quests to uncover the secrets of the vampire society. With stunning visuals and intense combat mechanics, Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG brings an exhilarating experience to players as they navigate through a world filled with danger, intrigue, and supernatural abilities. Get ready to unleash your inner vampire hunter and dive into this captivating adventure!

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- 1. 100 gold coins 2. Silver dagger 3. Potion of vampire strength

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- 1. 50 Gold Coins 2. 3 Health Potions 3. 100 Experience Points 4. Rare Weapon Blueprint

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Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG

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V2HYCF89February 22, 2024
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2AL4RZEFMarch 25, 2024
ELFPQJZ04VFebruary 16, 2024
PW1NT6EH0February 6, 2024

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Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG Review

Great game with story plot. I like the PVP but I haven't gotten anything from it? Idk if I haven't won enough or you dont get a prize EXP for the fight. Which I think you should. Makes it more worth it, than just testing your strength. But still great game, keep up the good work developers! Would be a game changer if you add backbone controller support!

Haha clever way to ask for a rating ;) I am thoroughly enjoying the game so far. Have not stopped playing since I installed it just to "check it out". That may be a bad thing but so far I don't think so! great job. storyline, graphics, crafting, combat, and even the music/sounds are rad. :) Turned music off tho so I can listen to something else!

I got lost in the begining. feel as though we should start bit close to the orgins. I have a bunch of loaded side quests I'm not strong enough for yet.... tried offline at first. (no wifi) Wishing the the treasure boxes and winnings were a bit higher offline.. since I spend most of my time offline. I enjoy the structure of the game through out. easy game play. now that I'm connected to wifi the ads are nicely out of the way. but supply decent gold drops. need more +hp friendly pickup items..

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