Evolution 2 takes the shooting game experience to a whole new level. With its advanced graphics, intense gameplay, and immersive storyline, players are taken on a thrilling journey through different futuristic worlds. As a skilled soldier, you must fight against powerful enemies and learn to use various weapons and tactics to survive. Evolution 2 offers a wide range of missions and challenges, allowing players to improve their skills and unlock new abilities. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in this action-packed evolution of shooting games.

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I started on this game in order to get a new ship for HAWK. And after a few weeks on this, I can honestly say this is a really fun game. My biggest gripe is on the aiming. I don't mind dying due to being overpowered by the enemy, but to die because the auto-aim switches off the target I manually selected is just frustrating. The difficulty levels are also a headscratcher. For example, I've upgraded my attack copter quite a bit (Garuda) and yet my success % for Executions went down for single star missions. So you would think that upgrading your soldier and equipment would make single star missions easier, but that's not the case. Other than that, the "grind" isn't bad at all. Ads aren't too intrusive and you don't HAVE to pay to win. I play on my OnePlus 6T and have experienced several crashes where I had to restart the game. Match-making is somewhat of a hit or miss, depending on who joins. I've also been through one update where the devs changed which resources were required to craft grenades and med-packs. This was not a welcome change at all. I'm at level 32 now and am not sure I'll play after I hit 40 (which is what I need to reach to get the promo code for HAWK). The game takes a lot of time and if the updates lay waste to that commitment, then why bother?

The latest update has made the game almost unplayable for me. I rarely write review, and the new control layer made it extremely difficult to maneuver around and enjoy what got me into the game. Please dont fix what isn't broken, I really hope you guys return to the way it was, control layer wise that is. Otherwise, this is a very enjoyable game. Update: the team listened and now controls are better. Still quite an addictive game. Keep up the good work.

Great game play. Not crazy about the add on's and power ups that dont come in rewards after co op play. In some cases there is defeat and no game round was played...plus you lose a man. Graphics are tight and the action is engaging. Energy re-ups are too long. More money should come out of co op. Upgrade to weapons and production of grenades are definitely too long. Ads should be used to obtain more than the diamonds. Overall play is fantastic! Not every one wants to pay to continue play more.

Overall disappointing, from the infinite amount of ads that i watched from m while playing a different game; developed made it seem as though this was first person shooter game. While in reality it is not. And of course while playing the game that ia when we see the cartoon like graphics. SIDE NOTE: Thank you for the quick response, I hope that the changes will be done as quickly, and that the changes will be beneficial to ALL players.

Fun and entertaining! Love the simple controls and game play. Ads play infrequently and can be watched for rewards. Graphics are nice and full of detail (ex: comic book art). Some purchases are extremely annoying. Like paying 10 dollars for a seasonal battle pass that expires quickly. Unfortunately, the game would not load immediately after latest update. Preventing a 5 star review. Uninstalling and reinstalling right now

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A mix of strategy, RPG and action shooter with the original battle system. Captains, meet in the new version:
- General improvements and bug fixes

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