Eventbrite is a leading platform for event management and ticketing. With a user-friendly interface, it enables organizers to create, promote, and sell tickets for events of all sizes. The platform offers various tools to help event planners manage registrations, access attendee data, and promote their events through social media and email marketing. Eventbrite also provides attendees with a seamless ticket-purchasing experience with secure payment processing. The platform’s robust features make it a go-to choice for event organizers seeking to streamline their event planning process and maximize attendance at their gatherings.

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Eventbrite Reviews

I love music. This app sucks. It's slow and makes me repeat actions, when it works. Right now, it freezes when checking out. It also sucks when it's the only option to buy tickets for a specific show! (Monopoly!) I guess they don't want my money. They won't take it! I keep trying to pay them for tickets in the app and it keeps freezing and crashing! Fully updated. I just want to see my favorite artists. Please stop being an obstacle.

Pretty good app with filters that allow you to select your city, what type events and dates. Areas for improvement include 1) many duplicate postings 2) when you filter for "local" events in Tampa only this shouldn't include Orlando, Venise and Punta Gorda; which are hours away. 3) After searching and asking for details of an event the app takes you all the way out, forcing you to start from scratch. Going back should take you to the last listing you were looking at. Super frustrating!

LOVE Eventbrite, hate their app. The website is easier to use, and if you create a profile and follow events and organizers you're interested in, you'll get emails where you can click links to the website. The problem with the app is that every time you sort events, if you look at individual events it takes you right back to the top of the list and you have to keep scrolling down to find the best options. It's tedious and makes it hard to sort through events easily. They really should fix this.

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