European War 5: Empire-Strategy is an exhilarating mobile game that transports players to the tumultuous battlefield of World War II. With stunning graphics and realistic sound effects, this strategy game delivers an immersive gaming experience. Players must strategically deploy troops, plan military campaigns, and conquer enemy territories to become the ultimate European ruler. With a variety of units and technologies to unlock, players can customize their armies and develop unique strategies. Whether playing against friends or engaging in the captivating campaign mode, European War 5 offers endless hours of strategic entertainment.

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This is is so amazing I could play it all day long and never get sick of it. One problem is on the computer it migrates the file and will not let me play from where I was and forces me to restart which really sucks. Need to fix it ASAP. Only other thing is they need to make a way to sell old items in the shop. But still good enough to redownload every time it crashes and start again. Keep up the great work. Also could use a multiplayer function.

Ok I like this game, so much personality and an art style that stand out from your previous work. EW5 should be a model for your future projects (ever thought about a scifi theme?) That being said, you guys do need to polish the game a little bit more and add some quality of life improvements. Conquest mode was my favorite, but it did take me a while to really sink into it. The diplomatic aspect of the game needs to be fleshed out more. But overall great job!!!

A good game, great time killer, and I really love the art style. However, it's almost pay to win. It is possible to play and advance without spending money, but just barely. And as for strategy, big thing kill small thing. All you need to win is just a more powerful hero or troup than someone else. That also makes it really hard to beat missions when your own heros just aren't strong enough. There's no strategy except for waiting and getting a better/stronger hero. Also medals are so hard to get

I have a recommendation that there should be a back button for few some time becomes too hard ...there should be some back button to correct few last mistakes...hours of Grinding in game losing game is like wasting 4-5hours of my long play it feels useless too the way I love the game... hoping the changes will come

Good game easy to understand controls but I think there should be more eras and more empires like mughal empire , Delhi sultanate etc. All and all good game

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Leading civilization Empire and achieve great military legends.

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