European Luxury Cars is a great driving simulator in which you will be able to travel through the scenic areas behind the wheel of luxurious luxury cars. Enjoy excellent roads and beautiful views from your car window. Improve your driving skills on off-road trips, city streets and beaches. Upgrade your cars by installing new suspensions, wheels, nitro and bumpers. Challenge yourself in four control modes to choose the one you like best. The European Luxury Cars game received high-quality visual design, stunning landscapes, realistic physics and a large selection of premium cars.

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SIN1ZLxxxxx Get

- Gold x1763K, Gems x947, Coins x15492

zOMYaCxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x342, Money x23951, Resources x4273K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
eCHTngvBFVrJune 15, 2023133
c1DmJUhqGT8vJuly 17, 2023894
yKdIVPCqMoJune 5, 2023619
XdqGBaTPZmyJune 23, 2023525
fAK7veBXRPcMay 31, 2023824

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This game is really fun, but i would recommend adding more colors and also the multiplayer needs fixing because when i played it it is always lagging, and also there should be character choices more cars like the old ones, modern cars like new models, wanted levels stars, speed limits, add people in it, be able to travel in airplanes, gives every car ability to fly, new vehicles in the street that are nice, being able to be carried by truck, travel in different countries, add missions.

Potential here is great. It clearly isn't a finished game so it is a bit hard to rate. I like the features it has so far. Car models could do with a bit more work, so can the handling. The map so far is cool, but can probably be bigger and vary more in terms of like landscape, like forests...or deserts etc, then there is the matter of races/events If done right has the potential to be a great open world racing game.

The game has good graphics and performance is great,as well as the car models.The main problem I have is that the cars aren't as quick as they are in real life. E.g, the Lamborghini Gallardo(presumably the LP560-4) should go from 0-100kph in 3.7 seconds. However,in-game, I could only manage 4.2 seconds. It's a bit nitpicky, but it can impact the experience, especially at lower speeds. Also,the number plate character limit should be increased to 12. Cheers!

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Drive your favorite cars through island or make it unique with lot tuning parts. - Added New 2 Cars
- Added Wheel Effects
- Added Car Dirt
- Added Bonnet Camera
- Added Interior Decoration
- Added Animated Camera in Tuning menu
- Added Driver
- Added Feature to mini or maxi Speedometer
- Added Post Processing
- Removed Rev limiter
- Fixed red glowing rotors in menu
- Fixed other bugs
- Started working on new map

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