Euro Truck Driver – if you want to transform into a driver of a modern truck, try your hand at this simulator. As a result, you will find yourself a trucker, along the way you will enjoy modernized graphics, as well as unrealistic scenario opportunities.

Supervise the movement of cars of different brands, moreover, the engine growls realistically, the cabin is worked out in detail. Travel across European expanses, transport cargo across cities, explore the open world. As a result, become a professional, build a career, play with friends in a multiplayer confrontation, where the real leader will win!

Active Euro Truck Driver 2018 VIP Codes

9Tq6Cbxxxxx Get

- Gold x3569K, Gems x982, Coins x81347

qWXGA9xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x528, Money x28391, Resources x7168K

Euro Truck Driver 2018 Codes

List of Euro Truck Driver 2018 Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
zps8e09Cx2gJune 19, 2023157
xBNYquzm6Ky2July 15, 2023171
vI07Y3kWuEJuly 14, 2023202
3DlEt2ZKxARJuly 1, 2023529
mEINDi3Uc1nJune 17, 2023234

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Redeem Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Euro Truck Driver 2018 Tier List

THIS GAME IS GREAT! A MUST FOR ALL PEOPLE!! It could use some fixes, though. There is one where the truck is stuck in place if you repair it. I dunno if that is on other devices, but it is on mine. Also, if I go to connect a trailer that pays good, it sometimes sets up an invisible wall. Same thing in Truck Sim USA. And, can you add dirt roads to new areas, add more roads so they don't just end at random places, and add more trucks. If you could, that would make it better. Thanks!

The graphics are a little outdated, although it is above most of its competition by leaps and bounds. Wish the developers had a North America version as well. One gets very consumed by the incredible aspects of the game as it's well thought out. Just needs a little updating into 2021, just don't go overboard as many great games get ruined this way. Needs a little more guidence when starting out with button location and functions of truck.

I love this game I actually download 2 trucking simulator including Euro Truck Driver 2018 and all now I don't know what the next simulator is like because I'm hook to this one. I love everything about it except the rearview mirror on the truck. It's not accurate I have to use the one on screen. Another downfall is the radio in the previous simulator there were more options and lastly the vehicles driving behind another vehicle doesn't drive smooth if not careful crash in them.

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Drive Across Europe, play the best European Truck Simulator! - bug fixing!
- performance improved!

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