Epic Battles Online is a thrilling gaming experience that brings exhilarating fights right to your fingertips. Dive into a virtual world filled with epic warriors, mystical creatures, and intense strategic battles. Whether you choose to fight solo or team up with friends, every battle is a test of skill, cunning, and teamwork. Unleash powerful attacks, cast devastating spells, and equip legendary weapons as you conquer enemy forces and rise to become the ultimate champion. Do you have what it takes to triumph in the realm of Epic Battles Online?

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- 500 gold, 50 gems, 2 diamonds, 3 rubies, 1 epic sword, 2 health potions, 1 rare armor, 1000 resources, 2000 money, 1 legendary staff.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $1000, 10 diamonds, 500 resources, epic sword, legendary amulet, healing potion.

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XsTWl4E0860October 7, 2023
8UpHdeJAD4974November 14, 2023
Spcgw3efP346October 8, 2023
5HoCriTBG9c782September 24, 2023
X4BmlqfTSN914November 4, 2023

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Impressed so far with offline mode! Troop movement feels smooth, and how they branch off to attack only when in range is pretty cool. I wish you could stay to finish off the rest of the troops. Seems to end too soon after killing king. I'd like to see an extra map or two like babel tower, or a large mountain with 1 or 2 entry/defense points. The formation editer needs save slots for different formations. Also in formation editer, each troop section could use smaller hit boxes. Thanks devs! 👍

It's a good game but they can definitely add more too it. Different army slots so you don't have to change the whole army every time you want to try something new. Maybe a 2 v 2 game mode. Different ways to spend gold maybe a wager game mode and skins for troops. Definitely could do a lot with this game! But it runs smooth and has yet to crash on me in the week of playing.

New update was completely unexpected, the whole menu is better now when it comes to setting up an army and picking troops, the new gold system is really convenient as well. This is by far the best combat simulation game on the app store, i can say that for a fact, but afew things still need work, I just wish there were more shapes to use when it comes to setting units up. One more thing is I wish there was a way to move an entire army forward instead of having to move each unit individually.

There's lots of quality-of-life stuff that could be added, but my main gripe is the win system in multiplayer. The time limit is annoying but makes sense, but battle outcome should be decided on who inflicted greater losses, not the number of soldiers left at the end of the battle. It doesn't make sense that I lose after killing well over 300 enemy troops while taking less than 70 casualties myself. This could even be applied to power; whoever destroys the greatest amount of power wins.

Love this game! Would be even better if we had more options like bigger armies (in the hundreds of thousands) and strategic landscapes (mountains or rivers that block or slow down divisions). Would be very nice if we could control many division all at once. At least the soldiers of the same kind. Save so much hassle than doing it one by one!

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Multiplayer battle simulator with thousands of soldiers in combat. Improved formation moves.

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