“Endless Nightmare 5: Curse” plunges players into a haunting world where a malevolent force threatens to consume everything in its path. As they traverse treacherous landscapes and face nightmarish foes, they must uncover the source of the curse and find a way to break free before it’s too late. With stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and a spine-tingling soundtrack, this game delivers an unforgettable experience for fans of horror and mystery. Are you brave enough to face the darkness and put an end to the endless nightmare?

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- "Unlock 500 coins, 10 gems, and a powerful weapon!"

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- New Sword: +30 attack, Healing Potion: +50 HP, Cloak: +20 defense

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Endless Nightmare 5: Curse

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0XYV7RC5March 22, 2024
5HSLTRIV1XApril 22, 2024
ICRYL8JGEMarch 11, 2024
H7SCY8AVD1BMarch 28, 2024
O91XBSZRVKApril 14, 2024
18CQDE7NApril 9, 2024
TLIO4V1CAHMarch 3, 2024
0PMIYUHB8March 27, 2024

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Endless Nightmare 5: Curse Review

The sound cuts off when you watch videos which is an easy fix to just restart the app and aiming with ranged attacks can be difficult until you get used to it but I enjoyed this game a lot, even with graphics on low there were parts of the map where too much was going on and the fps would drop by half at least. I think it was a very good game considering the first 4 this was an upgrade and I would love to see more or a part 2. I think this game beats 90% of what's on the store now, even CoD.

Wow, what an interesting game. Let me say that this game is like the other 3, your fighting off enemies. But it's still fun. However there was a little crash during cutscene one and it skipped some story, but no other crashes. The cool thing about this game it's mostly all sword based however, you do get some ranged throwing paper which means you have unlimited ammo, unlike 2/3/4 which is cool, it also is more open world which I like. This game is highly recommended by me. Make more please!

Controls are terrible, dodge doesn't work as it should. You have to be perfectly lined up to actually land a hit with a swing sword with enemies that are constantly moving and are really small. Health is super low you die in about 3 hits. Story is well I don't know seeing how it's in Japanese and there is no way to change it to English so I can't follow the story. All in all the controls really ruin this game. Unistalling it now.

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