Elfster is a popular online platform that makes gift-giving easy and fun for families, friends, and coworkers. With an Elfster coupon, users can save money on their gift exchanges, from Secret Santa to White Elephant parties. Whether you’re looking for the perfect present or planning a virtual event, Elfster has you covered. With a diverse selection of gift ideas, users can find something for everyone on their list. And with the convenience of online shopping and the added bonus of a coupon code, Elfster makes spreading holiday cheer affordable and stress-free.

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How to redeem Elfster codes?

To redeem a coupon on Elfster, select item, enter code at checkout for discount. Enjoy savings on purchases for gift exchanges and secret santa events.

Elfster Coupon reviews

I think this app is a good start but has some UX issues: 1. I created my family 2023 gift exchange & added people during the creation process. No one could find the exchange in the app. Inviting users seemed to work better. 2. The email addresses of the people I added do not show in the app. I could not verify that I used the right email address. 3. Adding/removing wishes is not intuitive at all. I spent a lot of time helping people add their wishes once I figured out the bugginess myself.

PITA - would not recognize my password, so I had to reset it each time. The "mark as purchased" wasn't an option from my phone. I downloaded the app and had the same problems. Then the mark as purchased box mysteriously appeared. Could be a good app if they get the bugs fixed. Right now, in thinking this is a scam to get log-in information from Google, FB, etc.

This app works great for the tech savvy. Not so much for our elderly seniors or people who don't shop online. Easy to use app that you can add a link from any website to your wish list. Didn't use the search much as it doesn't pull from lots of websites. Google your item works faster and just link it to your wish list. Didn't experience any freezes or glitches. I use a Samsung s9 phone.

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