“Dynasty Warriors: Overlords” presents an exhilarating blend of strategic warfare and immersive storytelling set in ancient China. As a powerful overlord, players must forge alliances, engage in epic battles, and expand their empire to dominate the land. With a diverse roster of legendary warriors, each with unique abilities and weapons, players can craft their own battle strategies to outmaneuver their foes and secure victory. The game’s stunning graphics and dynamic combat mechanics bring the battlefield to life, offering an unmissable gaming experience for fans of history, strategy, and action.

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- "3 Gifts: 500 gold, rare weapon, legendary armor set"

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- 1. 100 gold coins 2. 50 battle swords 3. 20 health potions 4. 10 legendary armor pieces

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Dynasty Warriors: Overlords

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Dynasty Warriors: Overlords Review

This game is the best of all but there are many bugs when i was playing blossom mode the game just FRezzes. And. Same the story bugs too please fix this bug and the game is smooth the graphics and the. Gameplay. But the game. Does not let. WEI and WU. Play it but happy new year ung games !!!

it's running well and smooth at first.. then at some stages the game is freeze but the audio still continue and it log out by itself. but I do appreciate the fighting style, the graphic, and all characters. I like all DW series anyway. from all DW games available for android, this one is sure the closest one to PS or PC version. I hope there will be another update to fix the glitch and bug, cause I love playing this game, thx.

Really love playing this game for 3 days in a row. i think the game quite tops the expectations for a mobile game. the graphics is smooth, the "console" like gameplay is great, and interesting campaign story. but i think it would be great if we can create our own avatar since we play as a somekind of appointed governor by Liu Bei in the game. lastly if it's possible please remove the playable limit in the campaign story in the future, i think it's more interesting and fun

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