Dungeon Defense is an addictive strategy game that puts you in the role of a dungeon master. Your mission is to defend your dungeon from invading heroes and their parties. Construct deadly traps, summon powerful monsters, and devise clever strategies to thwart the heroes’ progress. As you progress, you can upgrade your dungeon, unlocking new traps and creatures to unleash upon your enemies. With its challenging gameplay, immersive graphics, and strategic depth, Dungeon Defense offers hours of thrilling dungeon-crawling action. Can you successfully defend your dungeon and emerge victorious?

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Great game overall, the progression is smooth and straightforward, or as complicated as you want it. It feels similar to a TD game, but instead of placing things along a track, you fine-tune your monsters to deal with the oncoming waves. The tutorial is somewhat lacking, but everything is easy and fun to figure out. Very minimal predation on the in-app purchases, and nothing is permanently locked behind a paywall. I'm going to try out their other games to see how they hold up!

I like that I'm managing a team without having to micromanage them, lots of synergy and complexity to play with, and the metaprogression slowly unlocking automation and dangling carrots I actually want in front of me feels great. It seems like it's designed to take a very long time to unlock everything, and that you can 100% it without a single ad or cent spent. I really, really like this.

I tried giving this game a fair shake. I really did. But it doesn't get much better (currently on the cusp of hell difficulty). My main gripe is the gameplay loop is boring, with little to no thought needed. Play a wave, choose upgrades, enhance, repeat. You just grind and grind to get to the point where the game plays itself, and then you've just wasted tens of hours.

Great value for the price. There's no tutorial, but it's not too hard to figure out just by pressing different buttons. Many different squad combinations, but I found one that beat all difficulties with no trouble, and it got a little boring after that. Biggest problem is that the game occasionally bugs and destroys progress. Thankfully, manual cloud saving is present, so I only lost a day of progress instead of weeks.

Addictive and fun! I'm now on my 2nd playthrough (Insane difficulty). Based on the name I thought this would be a TD game, but the battle screen is simple: hordes of enemies attack, with you and your mercenary allies defending. Graphics are low-res (8-bit/pixelated), but so what, as you level up it's fun to watch the chaos and destruction that you rain down on enemies. Item mods and skill trees are really deep! Menus are OK but could be better. There isn't much help on how to play (let alone play well), not even at the wiki website, but that isn't necessary, just jump in and play: the basics are easy, and you can figure out the advanced concepts as you go along. During my first playthrough (on Normal -- you probably shouldn't bother with Easy) I realized I should be Enhancing and Modding my weapons. I'm sure there's other stuff I could be doing (or doing better) but that's OK. Right now I still enjoy grinding the normal battles, but the most fun for me is the "Tower of Trial" levels which have unique enemies, and some require puzzle solving to complete. A note on IAP: it's there, but the developer actually discourages you from it, and that's not disingenuous because I haven't once felt the need. I'm sure he'll be happy to take your money if you are in a hurry to convert the game into an idle game (which can be gradually done through grinding), or climb the leaderboards, but neither of those aspects is important to me. Conclusion: 5 stars, game is worth more than its price.

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Shooting Defense Game! Defend the dungeon from the heroes! The problem that Google Play Games did not work is fixed.

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