Dungeon Break is a thrilling and challenging adventure game that will test your problem-solving skills. Enter the dark and mysterious dungeons, filled with traps, puzzles, and monsters. Your mission is to find the hidden treasures and escape the dungeon alive.

But be warned, the dungeons are filled with danger at every turn. You must carefully navigate through the maze-like corridors, avoiding deadly traps and battling powerful monsters. Use your wits and strategy to overcome obstacles and progress further into the depths of the dungeon.

With its immersive graphics and suspenseful gameplay, Dungeon Break will keep you on the edge of your seat. Unlock new levels and discover hidden secrets as you delve deeper into the dungeons. Find valuable artifacts and weapons to aid you on your quest.

Can you survive the treacherous dungeons and claim the ultimate treasure? Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime in Dungeon Break. Are you ready to break free?

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Dungeon Break Tier List

Nothing novel here. When the game opens you are presented with a few characters and a few options. No clear indication what to do. Then when you figure out what to do by trying a few things you are whisked into battle with a few simple tutorial screens that don't give enough detail about how to fight well. Once you again figure out in your own how to fight, you can move around and dispatch enemies. You are surrounded and outnumber right away. No easing in at all.

Great start to an awesome Roguelike. My main complaints are the controls are kinda stiff, there is hardly no way to heal (that might be intentional), and when you're low health the bright red flashing constantly is very annoying. Either give the games more options to heal, give us an option to turn off the flashing, or lower the threshold when it turns on to a lower percentage. Going through almost an entire dungeon run with the flashing is very unemmersive and slightly headache inducing.

Ok gameplay. Like that you can set graphics level which helps performance on my device. Biggest complaint is that the game controls require consistent touching and when you cross over a "shop" or "purchase point" you're often still touching the screen which the game registers as a keystroke, so you end up accidentally buying things or refreshing the store. There's no confirmation process, so you end up wasting your fake money. Booooo!

Game is very stale very quickly. Seems like a cash grab since your stuck with a low teir person and to upgrade to higher ones would take so much time and effort. The shooting mechanic is bad since half the time your shots dont land. No extra allies, no abilities, no ways of upgrading quickly to improve how you play. I see potential but right now it's not great.

The game is pretty good overall, but it doesn't do much to stand out from other dungeon games like soul Knight. The controls are what hurts this game alot for me. Unlike other games, like Soul Knight, The Slime King's Tower, etc. , this game uses one finger controls, which is very hard to get used to. You also shoot automatically, and something like that should be optional. This game is good, it just needs some improvements.

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