“Dumb Ways to Die” is a popular animated film and video game series that highlights the dangers of reckless behavior. The content showcases a range of silly and absurd scenarios in which characters meet unfortunate, yet preventable, deaths. By demonstrating the consequences of foolish decisions such as standing on train tracks or using a toaster as a bath toy, “Dumb Ways to Die” aims to promote safety awareness and encourage responsible decision-making. The light-hearted and humorous approach effectively conveys serious messages and resonates with audiences of all ages.

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doItr8E0498December 11, 2023
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zhmyNwrPM157January 22, 2024
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What can't I say about this game? The nostalgia alone makes it worth it. Great og game. I gave it 4 stars because there are a few bugs. Firstly, whenever I play the one mini game with the drier (not the one where you have to spin in the opposite direction) the mini game dissappears, and so do the rest. The game does not crash. I have to close out of the game, return, and then it works. I also can't change the color of the bean and the color of their hair. I hope a dev fixes these bugs. Ty!

I like this game more than the song all the minigames are really creative everyone is saying the point system is weird or some of these games are not in the song. but if every mini game is from the song then it would get repetitive you to spice things up a little and I love that the characters have little traits like the big blue one is always eating something that's out of date. the ads are annoying but they aren't that aggressive like some other games.

The collection of mini-games is silly and fun, and I thoroughly enjoy every game (despite how hard some of them are). However, the ads are frustrating. I understand it's how you make money, but having an ad in between mini-games disrupts the game flow and is rather annoying. Ads can sometimes even cause a loss, since the game has a delay when it pauses, which is obviously annoying. I wouldn't mind one when you lose overall, but in between mini-games isn't a great place for them.

Lots of fun! I remember enjoying this song/video when it first came out, and playing it as a game is even better. While I do enjoy how challenging it can be, I do have problems with the mustard on hot dog one, for instance, and sometimes it lags/glitches. Also, while I'm not personally bothered by it, I also think an option to change the blood/gore would be nice as well, and maybe some more customizable options for the character you have.

I used to LOVE this silly little game! So imaginative and so much fun. But I recently installed it again, and now it's full of intrusive ads - that turn up the volume even if you have it off! I try to pay to for no ads but the purchase doesn't work. I find the sound issue on the ads a deal breaker since I often play games late at night when others are sleeping, so I can't have all that noise. Uninstalling. 😦

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You’ve seen the video. Now their lives are in your hands. Get ready for an exciting update packed with new improvements:

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