Drift Clash Online Racing is an adrenaline-fueled mobile game that brings the thrilling world of drift racing to your fingertips. With its realistic graphics and physics, you’ll feel like you’re behind the wheel of a high-powered drift car. Race against players from around the globe in intense one-on-one battles, showcasing your drifting skills on various tracks. Upgrade and customize your car to gain an edge over your opponents and climb up the leaderboard. Are you ready to become the drift king? Download Drift Clash Online Racing now and prove your skills on the road.

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I love everything about it! The graphics are good, the controls are great, and the gameplay is absolutely amazing! It's almost Forza on moblie! The one and only thing that I wish for is more customization options. Maybe widebody kits, different spoilers, more colors that can be applied to different parts of the car, and custom liveries. Just some ideas.

So, the game is great. The graphics are amazing for what they are meant to be. The gameplay is smooth. The only problem with this game is the horsepower on the cars dont make sense. My 650hp s14 feels like it has 200hp. It cant pull itself out of anything further than like, a 35 degree angle. If you try to reverse entry at all, the car just dies out.

This is the best drift game I've been able to find on the play store. Really good physics and mechanics that require skill but are still forgiving. I am running into a problem currently where the game gets stuck on the loading screen when I launch it. I end up having to reinstall the game each time. I think it has to do with the save system.

Overall Great Game, Just a few issues, not even major ones, 1: Cars clipping into ground/bodywork, mostly graphics, but can cause some problems. 2: Invisible walls on some corners, roads, frustrating but not a massive issue. Still love the game! Positives: 1: Beautiful graphics, cars look realistic and pretty. 2: Drifting is incredibly smooth and physics are very well done! 3: very easy to learn controls, overall very fun to play! Only reason for no 5 stars is due to 2 small issues.

Realistic and fun with correct controls with no assist in the drift. I would pay 60 dollers for a PC edition of the game or any console edition of the game. Edit: Please turn off the assist. It ruins the controles for the game. I liked the controles but now i have to fight the assist and the spin while focusing on the road. making it very hard to drive. please change it back.

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Real-time multiplayer drifting and racing game! Bug fixes

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