Dragon Raja – SEA is an immersive open-world mobile MMORPG that transports players into a futuristic world filled with stunning graphics and fast-paced gameplay. Set in a dystopian future where humans and supernatural beings coexist, players can choose from four unique classes and embark on epic quests to unravel a deep and engaging storyline. With its cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4 technology, Dragon Raja – SEA offers players breathtaking visuals and a highly interactive environment. Join millions of players in the epic adventure and shape the fate of this extraordinary world.

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Plz make all maps together in the sense all maps combined then we can go explore ourselves 🙂 otherwise at yours settings we can't go but we have to teleport so make changes in maps, and combine it, and Make graphics better 😁 means how much GB it takes just make the game cool 😎 and stunning

Never did it made me feel boring about this game even when I played after a 3-4. Years of Hault, there is nothing bad about this game the overall experience is great and even without non top up its interesting to play and the fact that it has it's own house making simulation is what I found the best. This game is at the top after the very games I had played all while the experience I got after playing after a long time was the same as the first time I started playing this game

Used to play this game during the pandemic. It waz hella great, i played it like everyday every second. But now that i try to login back to my account, I can't cuz i forgot my username. But then i decided to ask for help on the dragon raja Facebook page. I was ignored and give such and awfuls service. And the bot keep sending me link even though I want help.

Tbh I absolutely love this game! The graphics, arts, voice lines and overall experiences are amazing!! The story is also very interesting but I can't help but feel that in the stories, I am completely ignored and not the main character how I am supposed to be, and sometimes they refer to me as a male when I am a female and it's really irritating and please make it so we can cover the upper area of the events and stuff because it's really distracting. Overall I love this game! 5/5 try it!

I spent tons of money on this game and I am not satisfied. After few days of being offline my rating is already so behind and I don't know if it's worth toping up again. Matchmaking sucks I get matched with 7 levels or more higher than me. Too many bugs. I can't comment anything on my own post or moment. Fix your matchmaking, be fair to players and work on the bugs. There's even a type error on loading screen.

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